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Sailmaker, make the call and ask for the discounts. I did and they responded quickly.
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Shaw Direct is satellite TV and is available in Burlington. We live in Burlington and have Shaw Direct. As for the rules in your condo, you would have to follow them.
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Cogeco rant

Cogeco finally made their higher speed internet services available in Grimsby, so I signed up for the Turbo 20 in place of my Turbo 14. There was no service charge, and it was only a dollar more a month. I booked an appointment (to replace the modem) and it was scheduled between 8:30 am and 5:00 pm.

The tech shows up at 4:45 pm, changes the modem, asks ME if it's working and was ready to walk away when I thought I'd better test inbound calls to my phone (which is also with Cogeco). It didn't work. Technician says he needs IT, but they close at 5:00 pm and they won't be able to fix it until morning. I ask if he can put the old modem back - he says that won't fix it. All he wanted to do was leave, which he did (dumb ass). Took me three calls the next day to finally get someone to fix the problem - around 3:00 pm. If I hadn't called it would still not be fixed.

Mistakes happen but the onsite technicians shouldn't be doing installs when they don't have backup at the office (which is likely where most problems are). They should have someone on call for cases where it's a Cogeco mistake that caused the fault. To top it off, when I run Cogeco's own speed test, it consistently says 14-15 Mbps, exactly what I had! A complete waste of time.


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when I run Cogeco's own speed test, it consistently says 14-15 Mbps, exactly what I had!
Sounds like your new modem has not been properly provisioned. Give them a call to correct and do a reboot of your modem - unplug, wait a minute, replug.

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I did that. They claim I have the 20 Mbps profile, but I'm not seeing it. I plan to call back, but I'm waiting until I calm down a bit first.


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Some problems have caused me to delay my upgrading to Cogeco digital in the family room. 36" CRT gets to stick around for near future at least. Thanks to all who responded. Help here is always appreciated. A virtual double Jack Daniels/rocks awaits in the virtual bar. sailmaker
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Internet speed issues as well

I have always been really happy with Cogeco, I have phone and internet through them. I was on the Ultimate 30 package, and at the time my speed was always in the 31-32 Mbps range, with very rare occasions when it would drop to about 28 Mbps. Never had a complaint with the speed.

Recently my wife has been working from home, and decided to get Netflix to watch while working, we tried it for a few weeks and figured that based on how much she was watching (she hit 30 Gb in one day), it would be best to switch to the Ultimate 50 package so we didn't go over our cap. Literally the day they switched it (around mid March) to the higher package, the internet speeds went into the toilet.

It started with speed tests in the low 20 Mbps range, then got worse, dropping to as low as 3 Mbps. I have had some times when the speed was proper, getting as high as 53.28 Mbps once. I thought it might be a congestion issue but sometimes I would get high speeds in the evening as well. Most of the time my speed is under 15 Mbps.

I called Cogeco to report this, and they sent out a tech who checked the lines and found no problems at all. I have spent several nights on the phone with them troubleshooting, first they told me that my modem was still set up for the Ultimate 30 package, but I had been getting a few results in the 50 Mbps range so that didn't make sense. They told me they would have to send it up to their IT department to look into further and I would get a call back in 2 days. 4 days later I had to call them back because they still hadn't called, and was told that they would provision my modem correctly and that would solve the problem. I was told to wait 30 minutes and do another speed test. I waited an hour to be sure and was met with a result of 3 Mbps, not what I would call fixed. When I spoke to them again, I was told it had to be on my end, I did a speed test connected directly to the modem to rule out my network and only got about 8 Mbps.

I'm getting pretty frustrated with Cogeco at this point because they just keep saying it is on my end, but considering my speeds really degraded starting on the day I switched, I am inclined to believe it is entirely on their end. When I was getting speeds of 50 Mbps, I did some tests from my wifes computer, which is connected via a router and then through 2 switches, and was still getting 50 Mbps, so I am pretty sure we can rule out my network.

As much as I have enjoyed Cogeco in the past, it is really time to consider switching over to TekSavvy and dropping the home phone altogether.
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I meant to follow up to say that my speed issues were NOT Cogeco's fault. It seems the QOS settings on my router had learned the (previous) maximum speed of my connection and was holding me to it. Disabling QOS on the router corrected the issue and I am now getting the 20 Mbps that I should. So that was my fault.

Still not sure about the QOS settings (Linksys WRV54G). It doesn't claim to be able to auto detect my connection speed and I hadn't entered a maximum speed (the defaults were still 50Mbps up/down).


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I tried your advice scrooloose and disabled QOS, just ran a speedtest and got 3.74 Mbps down. Considering I was occasionally hitting in the low 50 Mbps with QOS enabled, I don't think that was the culprit. I can't see how the problems are on my end, and the most frustrating part is how Cogeco is insisting it is a problem on my end.

Part of me is suspecting congestion at this point, but I can't see congestion affecting my download speed by 50 Mbps.
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Oh, I wasn't suggesting your problem and mine were the same, I just wanted to clear the air regarding mine and your post reminded me to do that.

One thing I would suggest trying is connecting your computer directly to the cable modem, and run your tests from there. Also test at different times of the day to rule out congestion. If you still see the problem, I would call Cogeco and explain all the troubleshooting steps you've taken. In Grimsby I'm getting a reliable 20 Mbps down on the Turbo20 package.


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I completely agree on the suggestion to test without your router. A couple of years ago, I had seen e-mails from Cogeco for at least a year which touted their new high speeds. I never saw an increase and it was annoying me to no end. Then I tried without my router and my speed went from about 500KB/s to around 1.5MB/s.
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I have already done several tests without the router and saw no difference. I just did 2 now, 1st with router was 11.69 down and 2.08 up, 2nd test connected directly to the modem was 12.59 down and 2.09 up. I wouldn't really call that enough of a difference to say my router is at fault. As I mentioned earlier, on one of the times when I was getting over 50 Mbps, I tried a test on my wife's computer, which was connected to the modem via a router and then through 2 switches, and I saw no change in speed. I would think that with 3 pieces of hardware between my wife's computer and the modem, if my network was the cause of this I would definitely see a problem then. Just so you guys can have a look, here are my speed test results http://www.speedtest.net/results.php...f5e17bf3&ria=0
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I hated Cogeco and never wanted to go back but was forced to since we moved. So we set up an appointment for them to come today about three weeks ago. And on Friday 4 days before they were suppose to come we here from them that the phone will not be set up until FRIDAY!!! A week from that day. My dad has cancer and we have no phone for more than a week. So they came over today and set up Internet and guess what! For the T.V. we ordered the HD PVR. So he came over and hooked everything up. When he left it ends up he took the AC adapter from my downstairs T.V. and put it on the T.V. where the HD PVR was suppose to go on. So the T.V. downstairs will not work. I have no phone to contact them. I hate this company so much but I am forced to stay with them.
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How come they could not set up the phone?? If they set up the internet, then they should be able to set up the phone, as the phone is through the internet. As for calling Cogeco, could you not call from a work or cell phone, or even a friend or neighbour's house?? You could send Cogeco an e-mail. The contact info is on their website.
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How did Cogeco win any Customer Satisfaction Awards?

I'm just wondering how they won any customer satisfaction awards, considering I have sent off multiple emails to them asking what the status is of the new HD channels in my area, since we don't seem to be getting them any time soon and have not gotten a reply yet.

Heck I can't even get the Ultimate 30 in my area.

I know I could call and talk to someone who would basically tell me "We can't give you a date, but we are working on it", but the point is, why even have the option to email in if you're not even going to bother to reply. Also, why would it take anywhere near 5 business days to reply to an inquiry through email?

It's very frustrating especially when I pay the same as people who are getting all the options. And the lack of service isn't stopping them from pushing through their price increases.

So Cogeco, you want to know how you can help me? Start with answering an email and we'll go from there
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