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Cool Give me decent mods....or give me death

Originally Posted by rvs007 View Post
MCIBUS: You can see a screenshot on this page.
The top 1/3 of the screen that the new IPG doesn't take up on the screen would normally display the top 1/3 of what's shown on the current channel (whatever the guide doesn't cover up).
Yeah..that's dumb...I like the fact that the 8300 [[and non updated 8642's]] show the whole show [[albeit smaller]] when displaying the guide...I was thinking of upgrading the living room to an 8642 and putting the 8300 [[purchased]] in the master bedroom....but if the only improvement is a 16:9 just doesn't seem worth it...not to mention I like the Remote TV manager [[when it works that is]] ability of the 8300...
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I just got off the phone with Rogers.
They were very apologetic - and I got the sense that the person I was talking to "also" had one of these 8642's and was feeling the same pain.

In any event, they can NOT roll the firmware "back" to the old guide once they have loaded in the new one.
The only solution would be to get a different (new) box that had not been updated yet. Plus, in doing so, you'd lose all your recorded programs in the process.

They are very WELL aware of the issues/problems and are working towards fixing all of them. In fact he said they are pushing updates "nightly" to try and fix all the problems.
Apparently, they are working with Cisco on this, since I was told that they were the ones who developed the guide.

In any event, a ticket was opened, they took all my input/complaints, and assured me that this is something they are trying to fix.

I also asked if the guide/info/data (whatever) was remotely located, or if it was actually ON my PVR - he said it was on the PVR - thus the arguement that the box needs to fetch data from a remote server is null.

Bottom line - suck it up and be patient while they try to fix the beast they unleashed prematurely.

I would encourage others to actually "call" Rogers and report your issues - he said the more people that do that, and who identify all the problems, the better they can fix what is not working.

Time will tell - hopefully soon, though.
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Does 8642 HSUD Issue Still Exist with the New IPG Firmware Update?

I still haven't received the new IPG yet (Mississauga, On) ... and by the sound of things, I shouldn't be in a rush to do so!

However, can anyone confirm if at least the HSUD (hard drive spinning up/down) issue has been fixed in the latest IPG firmware update?
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Originally Posted by QuantumJump View Post
I like the fact that the 8300 [[and non updated 8642's]] show the whole show [[albeit smaller]] when displaying the guide...
As I mentioned earlier in this thread, there is a different layout theme that has the reduced-sized PIP that you can choose. It's called "Classic Modern HD" I think.
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Classic View

That is correct, As part of the trail program, my wife did not like the transparent view and as such we commented that we did not like the format, and Rogers responded a couple of weeks later with the option to select the Classic view. The guide goes to the top of the screen and the PIP to the bottom Right hand of the screen.
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Well at least I can see what I have in store.

Funny they're releasing this new IPG and stuff like that, yert they still can't give the 8642 QSM,TV Mix channels or TV Call Display go figure?
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Tv no longer recognized as hd after update

Just wondering if any one has experienced the same issue. I connected my 8642 which has receeived the update to my hdtv since the 8642 thats connected to my HDTV has not receved the update. I went into settings and apperance and selected tv type 1080i or 720p. It gave me an error message stating that my tv may not be able to display a resolution of 1080i/720p.

I have also noticed there is no longer the hd setup wizard which used to come up when pressing guide and info when the pvr is powered off.
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Using the new "sort-by title" option, watch a show and immediately press the STOP button *OR* watch the show to the end. Two things happen:

1) the menu that allows you to delete or start over does NOT appear like it does when you view by date or channel.
2) the cursor is returned to the top of the list, so you have no idea what recording you were on.

So, basically, you can't even delete a recording using sort by title!

Also, I'm not fond that title sort is purely alphabetical. I'd like to see shows grouped by name, and then sorted by last recording date (this is the way another PVR I have operates).
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OK, so I have already posted a few things wrong with this new guide/firmware.
What follows below are "additional" issues I have encountered - just add them to the list:

- Audio output from analog jacks is only about 50% what it used to be (on one of my tv's I had to change audio connection to use the digital coax - which is fine).
- Video output from the Y/Pb/Pr jacks has a glitch in it - for some reason it introduces red/pink-ish line bleed across the bottom third of the screen. (I verified it is the PVR and not the tv) - and it never did this before the new IPG "upgrade".
- On my other TV (all HDMI) - no issues as per above.

- When you go through the painstakingly slow process to navigate to a program you have recorded - and wish to delete it:
--- It will delete it, but when done (after another delay) you will be presented with another useless time-wasting pop-up asking you to confirm that it was already deleted
--- It has NO MEMORY that you were in a particular folder/location in your list of recorded programs. SO, when you are finished deleting something - it kicks you OUT of that location - BACK to the very beginning of the list of ALL recorded programs. This is extremely frustrating, especially if you either wanted to play the next program in that folder, or even to do some "maintenance" like deleting other programs in that folder (or whatever).
- I have a LOT of programs recorded, so this "no guide location memory" issue is an extreme pain to navigate. I spent about an hour last night just trying to delete a bunch of shows - where ALL my time spent was in NAVIGATING, WAITING, SELECTING, WAITING, getting punted back to the beginning and repeating again.
- What I would LIKE: - in the user interface, give an option to SELECT MULTIPLE shows to delete, etc - (AND, of course "remember" to stay in that folder/location after the operation).

- Once again, there is NO MEMORY of where you are in your show if you happen to hit stop, tune to Live TV, or do something else - and want to "continue" viewing your show. It starts you AT THE BEGINNING again - forcing you to deal with the FFwding to wherever you can remember that you left off.
- In the previous guide, if you stopped playing a program, you were given the option to "skip to end". That option is not present in the new one.
- This means that if you are FFwding to get to near the end of the program, but (because of the LAG), you hit PLAY just a bit too late to stop the FFWD operation and play at the point you wanted - it will go the "very end" and the only option it gives you is to start at the VERY BEGINNING again.
- So, if you only wanted to see the very end of a program, now you have to FFWD all over again, from the beginning, and very slowly/carefully FFWD when you get close to the end, so you don't over-shoot it and get punted back to the beginning of the program again !

- The disk space indication at the bottom is a good idea, but the word "PVR" is superimposed over the "numbers percent" whenever the percentage of disk space used is a decimal amount.
- So, if you have used a whole number, like 40%, then the text "PVR" and 40% are not on top of each other. BUT if you have, for example, 40.5%, then the "R" in the text "PVR" is superimposed on top of the "4" and a little bit on the "0".
- With all the wasted screen real estate, they could easily move those two display items further apart from each other so this does not happen.

- There is no "fine granularity" on the actual TIME you set for a recording now. Previously we could fine tune the start/end time (to the minute). Now, it is limited to 5 min before/after and then much larger increments.

Please know that as I continue to try and "use" this new system, I am finding more and more issues and will post my observations as I go.
Please also understand that the frustration of dealing with this sluggish, laggy, "tunnel-vision" guide/firmware causes me to not even want to use it.
This is because navigating and "using" the PVR has now become a nightmare I would rather just avoid altogether.
Hopefully everyone else voices their concerns (telephone/email/survey/etc) so they get the message (and the details) so they can quickly fix/improve it.
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Thanks icemankent and everyone else for the detailed changes.

I haven't received the update yet ... and now me thinks I don't wanna until the issues are addressed!
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8642 Upgrade Ottawa/Orleans Area

Just got off the phone with Rogers and they informed me my area is due for upgrade 6 Feb 2012. Any luck at all, some problems maybe solved by then.
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Hey Sammey,
I am also in Orleans - and got the update on Monday.
I don't know why some parts of Orleans would get it on different days - it is not like it is "that" big of a place.
It must be because they are holding off on rolling it out until the next (version) of the firmware is more fully-baked for mass consumption.
I sure hope to see improvement soon, the way it works now is just brutal !
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This is certainly disheartening.

The worst part is, I don't see a SINGLE post of someone saying "wow really? works great for me!"...

There's usually a very vocal minority of "complainers" on the net, and you can rest assured that more likely than not, the problems are isolated.

That does NOT seem to be the case. Has there been ANYONE who can say the problems aren't happening to 100% of the boxes.

LG 50PJ550 / Samsung HW-D650s
Cisco 9865 PVR
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Call from Rogers regarding feeback of new guide

Just received a call from Rogers. They wanted some feedback regarding the new guide update. Spent about 30 minutes on the phone with the nice lady. I also read some of the stuff from this thread out to her. In addition I told her to visit this thread online so she could see everything in greater detail.
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No firmware upgrade on my 8642 or 4642 either, but based on the comments so far, I'm in no hurry!

But can someone please confirm: There's no longer program info displayed when switching channels? How can that be, it's the most basic feature of any STB. I would be totally lost without it. I surf all the time and stop when I see something I like. (I never use the GUIDE)
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