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Yeah you would think that its an easy fix that would have been done by now.. But I guess not
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I know there were questions about how this nextbox firmware works with TVs with a 4:3 aspect ratio and I originally said that it squishes everything. I've done some further testing by actually hooking up a nextbox terminal to my TV via coax. I went into the settings and changed the output to 4:3 and all channels display the same way they would with the old firmware. SD channels appear normal and HD channels are letterboxed. However all the UI elements will still be squished.
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Many of the things you listed have been mentioned. First, the PVR losing all recordings. It happens, but to a very small minority that have reported on here. Its a risk with any upgrade to any electronic device that you will lose data or worse, brick it. My first upgrade I didn't lose anything. When I moved, I lost everything. The latter being the tech's fault for forcing the old sara software to the boxes, then starting the upgrade from scratch.

I cannot repeat this enough, I have said once you upgrade, to delete all scheduled recordings, and start fresh. This is to remove all conflicts between the old firmware and the new one. Plus, its cleans out the very old lists.

You are in a rather unique situation, running two PVR's. There is not a lot of forum members doing this right now, so the feedback on here is rather limited. I believe this could be causing some of your issues. It was reported by another member, that he was having issues with the two boxes working together correctly.

Your scheduling issues are due to the guide. I have been watching this close. Sometimes, and episode will say new in the title description, but it won't have the red NEW in the guide. When this happens, I have found the recording is not scheduled to occur. <----I believe the guide data is provided by a 3rd party. It is not under Rogers direct control. However, it could be something in their database causing conversion issues, if they work it that way.

Your freezing issues are not something I am experiencing. While I do experience the occasional button input lag, for the last month or more, its been pretty responsive. I am wondering if the two PVR setup could be doing something that is causing this?

Have you tried unplugging your PVR boxes and the coax cable for a good period of time. Say 5 minutes? The one time since switching over to the whole home pvr system that I had issues, I did this, and a reboot seemed to fix it.

Where you around the PVR when the recordings were cut short? I had this issue months ago, and found the box to be rebooting. Unlike the old Sara firmware were it would divide the recordings into two, this firmware keeps it as one. Any chance that is happening to you?

How many filters have been installed within your home? How are your signal levels? Your experience is completely opposite to what I am experiencing now. I would be on the phone demanding a ROGERS (not contractor) senior field tech be at my home investigating everything.

Seems no one installer does the same install.

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A few things I have noticed in the last month:

First, the nightly updates / reboots seem to have slowed down. Now its kind of random when they happen. For example, I have been watching TV at 2am every night since last week. Only Sunday night going into Monday morning did I receive an update. <----This was on my 4642, not my 8642. Mind you, I was always watching something off the main PVR, so the updates didn't happen their either.

Not every update this past month has caused a reboot. Several times, I got the update message, and when it was done, I continued to watch TV. However, it did not save my spot in the recording I was watching, so I had to FF to the last part I watched.

If you experience any playback issues etc, reboot both the 8642 & 4642. I also have now made a habit of doing this at least once a week. I find things to just be a little more responsive after the reboot. My wife also noticed this. Not sure if there is any merit to it, or if its just the "placebo" effect.

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Recordings on external drive not seen by replacement 8642

Hello all,

My 8642 PVR has been working fine and with an external 1 TB HDD (WD) until the software upgrade... After the upgrade, it worked for several weeks more or less ok, and I was able to access all my previous recordings - on the 8642 PVR and the external drive. Earlier this week, the 8642 went into continuous reboot cycle, and the Rogers tech suggested to get a replacement 8642 from Rogers. So I did. The new 8642 works fine -- however, I can't get it to see the recordings on the external drive. Why would that be? Any hope to gain access to these recordings on the external drive? I knew I will lose the recordings on the 8642 itself but was not expecting to lose those on the external drive.

Any help is much appreciated. Thanks.
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You will not get access to them. Each recording is encrypted. It can only be decrypted by the PVR that recorded it.

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Also, the index for the programming is on the internal HDD, so it went away with the PVR. Here are the eHDD threads if you have any more questions on that topic. Check out post 1 first.

SA8300HD - External SATA Drive Works, Please Read Post 1 and Post 1 Links eHDD

From post 1:
You cannot move eHDDs between different PVRs because the index for the programming is on the internal HDD to preclude just that. The internal drive must be functional for the PVR to operate. The programmes on both drives are encrypted and cannot be viewed on a computer.
Rogers 8642 & 9865 HD PVR External SATA Drive discussion - See Post 1 First 8642 eHDD.

Useful post for those new to the forum - FAQs, Search Tips, Optimization, etc:

HDTV Frequently Asked Questions: Please read this before posting in the forum

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Ok, thank you very much for the prompt explanation. I was expecting that there will be full portability, from one 8642 PVR to another, with encryption and all intact. A false sense of security on my part, thinking that the shows/movies I had on the hard drive are immune from a PVR failure, but obviously not to be. Thanks again.
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All to avoid people cloning drives and sharing recorded programs!
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Not impressed...

Just got the 8642 and I'm disappointed to say the least.
-can't get it to play slo-mo like 8300HD (does it work? how?)
-IPG is only 1.5 hrs coverage... useless, sooo much going back and forth, huge grid and nothing on it... it begs for 2.5-3hrs coverage on big screen
-slow IPG refresh
-likes to reboot for whatever reason (perhaps still keeps loading bits and pieces)

I see no advantage over 500G 8300HD. Is there any way to go back to old Menu/Guide? This is a form over function example. Cisco/SA are slow learners (if at all). Access to quick functions from Info screen the only improvement I could spot... Am I missing the big picture or this is just a minor upgrade from everyday usage perspective...

They (techs) didn't even bother to leave a manual... that says it all.

PS. on HD channels there's more and more of high compression artifacts (large, panning backgrounds refreshing every 0.5 secs, jerky...) on both 8642 and 8300, looks like low bitrate to me, even on some live shows... to the degree that downloaded divx episode looks better then Rogers HD!!!... is this where we're heading with so called "HDTV" here?

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You can revert back to the old SARA firmware, but you will lose your recordings.
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don't have any, just testing... any idea how to go back to prev. FW?
Do 8642 support slo-mo with either FW? Just wonder if they did away with it... and if so why?
8300 was awfully primitive, 8642 seems they got it backwards... networking is nice provided Rogers have not disabled it for your benefit... meantime in Europe they program PVR's via internet or cell phone... using 9-10 channel IPG with station logos for easy access, still beyond reach here, just letters and numbers... what a brilliant XXI century idea
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You can revert the to old firmware by calling customer service and requesting it.

The 8642 supports slow motion with the old firmware.
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wow, that is interesting... slow motion, a very very useful feature for sports etc. allowing you to analyze something without relying on broadcaster's eye, trumpeted before (remember Rogers commercials?) as unique, useful and cool became obsolete... by who's judgment?
Thought it was reconfigured (different button sequence on remote or something)... how wrong was I. Thank you YYZLHR for your answer... it still leaves me shaking my head about the "improvements". Good to know how to go about the FW. I will probably do that really soon.
There is a multitude of PVR's on the market in Europe... but here we are all "standardized" at a pretty low level with just 1... means consumers choice is at the very bottom of priorities. Makes me feel really good... filling Cisco's coffers.

PS. just noticed another reboot/upgrade... well over 10 in just 2 days and in the middle of watching TV at 2am, that's excessive...
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On Demand Not Updating on 8642

Hi Everyone,

My family are heavy users or TMN/HBO on Demand. Since switching our 8642 to the new firmware, we find that our On Demand menus do not contain most updates. For example, Game of Thrones Season 2 does not have any HD or SD episodes. Our older SD 3200 does receive the updates. Furthermore, I picked up a new 4642 (which has the new system loaded) this past weekend and it also seems to receive the updates.

I called Rogers twice. The first time, the rep said this was a known issue and he had to force the update and it would take up to 48 hours.....the updates never came. The second time, the rep never heard of this problem and indicated that over the next 48 hours they would revert back to the old firmware and install the new one again....(I can't tell if they actually did this)....still not working.

I've scanned all the forums here on DHC and can't find any related messages. Anyone ever heard of this issue or have any insights?

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