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Originally Posted by alebowgm View Post
Is there a Quickstart guide with the new menu?
No need to have a quick start, and rebooting now can be done via the menu. Menu --->Settings--->Troubleshooting--->Reboot Set-Top Box

This method takes about 5 seconds to do. For me, the quickstart took just as long to popup on my old box. I hated the quickstart, and do not want it. I had it hidden!

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Originally Posted by viper359 View Post
Remote tv manager will be available sooner rather than later. It has to be. No way Rogers can compete against Bell Fibe without it. It is just too big of a missing flaw, and too easily exploited in Bell marketing campaigns.

I don't see how point 6 can be a deal breaker but that's just me. 15 minute intervals is huge. The fast forwarding options work, and do it pretty well. I just do not think it was used enough to justify Rogers trying to program it again. I wish they had a commercial skip feature.

Frame by Frame missing I can understand, especially if you are a big sports fan.

Also remember bplayer, the issues being fixed are nothing more than what has been reported by a tech support, low level email support employee. Only the engineers really know whats coming down the pipe. As someone said before, they have to ensure that they don't break something else while fixing something else.
I'm not holding my breath with remote tv manager. The App itself hasn't received updates in about a year now and there are obvious bugs with the app in its current state. Also, Bell's mobile pvr app only works with Bell Satellite right now. Bell Fibe customers are only able to to use the web interface. Considering how long it took Rogers to come out with Nextbox to compete with Fibe, I'm really not holding my breath about TV manager.

I don't understand how the page up and page down to skip through a recorded program in intervals hasn't already been implemented, if you look at the Cisco RTN manual, this is a built in feature, it shouldn't have taken much effort to implement this. Same with the TV call display.
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So tonight literally NONE of my scheduled recordings actually recorded. My PVR is 87% full. I had a one hour HD and one hour SD show scheduled. Did it not record because it's afraid it will run out of space?
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It's never a good idea to have a PVR almost full. I'd say anything over 80% and you're risking the unit not performing properly. Sometimes it'll give you a "warning", but sometimes not. If you need more space, consider an eHDD or larger iHDD and/or delete recordings.

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Thanks for the advice. It rarely gets that full, this has just been a busy month for me. I scheduled the PVR to record a re run of what I originally wanted it to record and they're both recording now. Not quite sure what happened.
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Closed Caption

Im not sure if this is a bug that is firware related.

I enjoy using the cc when I watch programs (especially with a large 55" tv).

The size settings for cc dont seem to do anything. small, medium and large all appear large on the screen.

Yes...I have assured that I saved after changing the settings.
Yes...I have set it to CC settings provided by the viewer.

I suggest that this may not be firmware related since I thought that CC display settings were provided by the program broadcast.

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Still haven't had the update, and am still thinking of things I hope they've fixed. Here's my latest "did they fix it?" Q:

On the old firmware, if you try to Record a program and go to 'All episodes' and then hit 'Accept', the 4 recording options presented next are:
- 'First Run only on this channel'
- 'On this channel this day in this time slot'
- 'On this channel at any time'
- 'On this channel any day in this time slot'

What they forgot/left out was the option: "On this channel this day at any time".

I've come across a need to do this a few times, as not every channel or series makes uses of the First Run flag, and sometimes a regularly-scheduled program is either temporarily or permanently moved to a different time on the same day.

Another instance is something like Formula 1 racing, which has practice, qualifying and race sessions broadcast over 3 days, and due to the global nature of the series not always in the same timeslot. I want to record all practice sessions on SPEED tv on Fridays or Saturdays but don't want to record the qualifying session on Saturday (or its repeat on Sunday-AM) or the race on Sunday, as I prefer the coverage on TSN/TSN2 for that.

I currently have to do 'this day in this time slot' and hope that I remember to double-check it before the next event in case it is in a different time slot (on the same day).
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Originally Posted by viper359 View Post
imminent: Cisco has been dropping the ball bad lately on bad firmware in their products. Both consumer grade and even industrial grade. I have several Cisco routers for example, newest models, and they are garbage, buggy, and just plain hell to deal with. It took months for them to patch up some of the problems!

12) 2am System updates. Not very good for us Time-shifting recorders. These updates always force a reboot, and kick you out of whatever you are watching. If its a recorded playback, it does NOT save your last playback location.

We apologize as the system updates are necessary.

This makes me laugh the hardest, do it at 4am, not 2am. At 2am, people who make use of time-shifting are getting screwed.
Pretty sure whatever time they select will be a problem for time shifters. I record in the time frame you are suggesting.

How about the system has a test, "while recoding, delay reboot". Not rocket science. The thing can reboot when there is next a pause in the recordings.
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Does anyone else miss the option to record a certain number of show? I used to tape the local news daily - but only kept the most recent one. I really miss that option in the new firmware
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Thumbs down

Hello everyone this is my first time posting on here,

I'm fed up with the new ipg... After forgiving Rogers for the opt in new
Ipg but let's screw me over and delete 70 shows on my external fiasco...

I have a new problem.

After having the new ipg for a week, I have noticed that 1 or 2 recordings every night over record... Even though I don't add extra minutes... They over record by hours!

Last night I taped Celebrity Apprentice and Long island medium only to wake up the following morning noticing my rec light still on when I checked it both shows we're still recording!

Apprentice ended up being 7 hrs long and Long island I cancelled after it wanted to tape till the next day....
I checked every scheduled recording to see If I made a mistake ... But every recording Was set correctly at their actual start and end times.

Exact times pvr said it would record: apprentice 9pm-11pm and long island medium 4am-5am ( could not tape earlier cause i was already taping 2 other shows... see below)

Actual times pvr recorded: apprentice 9pm-4am, long island medium 4am- 1am (I cancel this one and ended and saved it just now)

and of course any dual program i recorded from 11pm-1am did not record because of apprentice.

What's wrong? Any suggestions?

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That's happened to many of us. It seems to be an issue with old recordings that were set up on the old guide. If you delete the scheduled recording and set it up again, it shouldn't happen again.

If you have a lot of different shows scheduled to record, I'd just do it to each show that happens to over record on a case by case basis.

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I tell all the guys at work when they get the new firmware, to delete all prior scheduled recordings and just do it all over again. Its amazing, one guy had about like 50 plus scheduled programs that are no longer even on the air, I am sure that has got to slow the box down, or cause problems.

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i actually did delete every scheduled recording and re did it, but it still happened...

Ill do it again though

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Despite the product being out a while now, the firmware is clearly still beta quality. It would have been nice if they completed the development before launching it before its was ready, but alas they did not.

Once I accepted that its just flakey beta firmware, I am no longer dissapointed, as I dont expect anything to really work.

At the same time however, given that's what they rolled out, I dont expect to pay full price for half a product. It would be nice if they gave 8642 users a 50% discount on cable service until such time as it truly is ready.

But for some reason they are more than happy not to do so, and would sooner lose customers (and annual revenues for life) rather than earn loyalty and respect. I will never understand such a business model.

Time to bring out the VCR for a while (or the old 8000)- at least that worked.

Way'd'go Rogers!

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Originally Posted by Jnltoronto View Post
i actually did delete every scheduled recording and re did it, but it still happened...

Ill do it again though

Interesting. Each time it happened to me (about 4 different times/shows) i deleted the schedule, and redid it. My PVR didn't do it again for several weeks.

It just happened with one show again last week (20 hour recording). I honestly couldn't remember if it was one I had re-done since the update or not.

I wonder what else might be the cause of it.

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