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Question How about older hd boxes?

Will there be any upgrades for the 3250 boxes? I hope at least they get the new ipg. Allowing them to be clients to a cisco pvr would be nice too, but I guess it is too much to ask.
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And one other question - will the TV Manager app work on the "enhanced" boxes in the near future after these upgrades?
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post #18 of 1724 (permalink) Old 2012-01-20, 11:14 PM
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I was a beta tester as well. I'm shocked that they've released this in it's current form. The guide is glacial, there are times when it's literally 5+ seconds after I press a key such as Rewind, List or Guide before anything appears on screen. I'll often have hit the key a second time out of reflex thinking I missed the key or didn't have the remote pointed in the right direction, only to see the guide pop up and then change or disappear right away.

They also killed the slow motion, and single frame stepping modes, which I used all the time. I really hate that this is gone.

Navigating the recorded list is a real chore, as it doesn't remember your place. IE, say you've recorded 2 shows of House to watch. You bring up the list, scroll down and down and down to House, then choose the folder to see the 2 episodes. You watch one, then after the show is over, it pops up a list of choices, delete etc. You choose Delete.

It *should* take you back to the House folder, ready to watch the next one. Instead, it takes you back to the root. Which means scrolling scrolling scrolling to get to the folder, choose the folder, scroll to the episode to watch...

The same thing happens when you want to delete a bunch of files. I often get a bunch of duplicates from Record All, or I give up on a show. Scroll to the folder, choose it to go inside, delete the first one. It should stay there, to make it easy to watch or record the same show. But no, back to the root folder. Which means scrolling scrolling scrolling to get back to where you just were.

The guide looks nice, but it's really inefficient space wise. There's so much room on screen, but everything is just stretched wider or taller. I should easily be able to see more than one hour in the guide now that we're widescreen. And just 5 channels? Easily could have been more.

The one excellent new feature is the Search. Being able to search for actors and specific shows is great.
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post #19 of 1724 (permalink) Old 2012-01-21, 12:48 AM
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I would not be surprised if this is yet another disappointment from Rogers. I wonder how the overall offering will compare to FibeTv (which has already had a major update to 2.1)
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post #20 of 1724 (permalink) Old 2012-01-21, 02:43 AM
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@M.Richards: My feedback back to Rogers were similar to your observations. But the first beta release of the IPG was even slower, so to me, it has already been "improved". When the technician was over installing the Whole Home PVR, I made the comment about how sluggish the IPG feels, and he said it should get better when it is released into the general public. I hope he's right, or Rogers will have a lot of pissed off customers (especially when this is being force-fed to all their customers who do not have a choice).
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post #21 of 1724 (permalink) Old 2012-01-21, 09:01 PM
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Wait ... folders? We get folders with this?

M.Richards, please expand -- are these just automatic "folders" based on the show name (i.e. all episodes of "House" in the "House" folder) or can you set up folders and direct which recordings go where? The former is nice as it will reduce the amount of scrolling you have to do, but the latter would allow me to segregate kid programs from parent programs, which I really want (and perhaps give some kind of PIN/password protection).
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post #22 of 1724 (permalink) Old 2012-01-22, 03:52 AM
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Don't get too excited about "folders". They are just groups of common recordings that gets displayed under the "folder" name.
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post #23 of 1724 (permalink) Old 2012-01-22, 07:30 PM
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Basically, if you record a show with the same title more than once, it'll automatically create a folder and put both episodes in it. You can delete the folder, and its contents with one process (requiring a PIN), rather than having to delete each item individually.
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post #24 of 1724 (permalink) Old 2012-01-22, 07:32 PM
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agreed - i've been a tester also, and it's gotten better since that first version, but it's still pretty slow. and there's still lots of bugs.
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post #25 of 1724 (permalink) Old 2012-01-23, 06:14 AM
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Received new update

Just received the new guide update on only one of my 8642 pvrs. I like the features but seems to be buggy and slow so far.
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post #26 of 1724 (permalink) Old 2012-01-23, 08:55 AM
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Are there any improvements to scheduling management ?
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post #27 of 1724 (permalink) Old 2012-01-23, 10:50 AM
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8642 Software Upgrade

Has the rollout started in Ottawa. If so does the Remote Manager and Call dispaly work.
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post #28 of 1724 (permalink) Old 2012-01-23, 10:53 AM
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Originally Posted by timberland29 View Post
Just received the new guide update on only one of my 8642 pvrs. I like the features but seems to be buggy and slow so far.
Nothing here in scarborough yet.

How slow is the new UI? Is it at least usable?
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post #29 of 1724 (permalink) Old 2012-01-23, 11:12 AM
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@yyzlhr: Significantly slower than the old one. But the first beta version of the new IPG was even more sluggish than the current version now. So I hope Rogers continues to improve on the response time.

@sammey: Remote TV Manager does not currently work with the 8642 with or without the new IPG. I've asked Rogers about the ETA but I have not received a response.

@daveharr: The scheduling management was lacking in the first beta version. There were some things that I could no longer do that I used to be able to do with the new IPG, such as scheduling a manual recording. When I was trying to set a manual recording, picking the time & channel was a chore because I couldn't key in the numbers with the number pad. I had to scroll the times or the channel number. Not fun when I'm trying to schedule a recording on channel 5xx at 11:50pm because things always defaulted to channel 1 and 12:00am. I haven't tried it again since and there has been 2 updates pushed to the box since then, so I'm hoping they have fixed the problem.
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post #30 of 1724 (permalink) Old 2012-01-23, 11:30 AM
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Same feedback here.
Also it seems that they are wasting screen space. They could fit a whole lot more on the screen if they wanted to (and they should, by the way). They can play with the fonts, and all the wasted (blank) space in the channel letters part too.
While in the guide, all you see is the tops of people's heads (useless) - versus seeing a small picture-in-picture (useful). This is not a step forward.

I am going to give it a bit of time to get used to the new format, and then chime in with a more detailed review.

I sure hope Rogers makes available a way to get feedback from its customers on this new guide - because I hate to think that this is their idea of a fully-baked improvement on what we had before.
This seems more like a "beta" version of what we are supposed to have.
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