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Deck: at the end of the day, most existing Videotron customers still prefer the quality of technical support over hardware differences.
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"Quality of tech support"

I disagree with that and their customer leaves alot to be desired.

By the same token, their are those who have had bad experience with Bhell.

No one company is perfect.
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I have to agreee with rogue. I switched from videotron a year ago due to their technology being so far behind. Yes they have great customer service but I have to say bell has been pretty good since my switch.
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I prefer every bit of Videotron's customer service and technical reliability, I really do. However, I am willing to take the risk to switch (whenever Fibe TV is installed in my part of town) because the product itself is superior. Videotron cannot compete with Fibe TV - at all. From the interface to the services offered on the set-top-box to the ability to record more than 2 channels at a time to competitive pricing.

Videotron has superior customer service and tech support.
Fibe TV has a vastly superior product and (from what I'm reading and hearing from actual customers) improving customer service.
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With respect to problems with the Cisco PVR (Chillonhill), you do have to turn the TV on until you see the 'HDMI1 No signal' or equivalent indicator, prior to turning on the PVR, to eliminate any potential HDMI handshaking issues. This usually solves 'freeze-up' issues with the program guide, where you can't seem to get out of it.
Has anyone actually been charged for their Illico 2 'free rentals', after the 24 month free period?
So, I guess the two dozen or so Videotron 'hanger-oners' are still there because they are happy with their channel selection, customer service, and their profound sense of duty toward contributing to P.K. Peladeau's alimony payments to Julie Snyder. On the other hand, maybe a 60 foot coax run from Videotron's optical trunk is simpler, results in a sharper image, and is more glitch free than a typical FTTH installation. It also helps to obtain two free PVR's and double your recording capacity. To each, his own.
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Videotron has not been very generous to me following a single burst of niceness when they thought Fibe TV was coming to my area a couple of years ago (it was, then it wasn't). (I've been a subscriber since I moved out six years ago).

They gave me discounts equivalent to the PVR rental for 24 months. Sadly, about 12 months later I upgraded my internet (paying more) which inexplicably killed all of my rebates and, because of some strange Bell-like reason, they were unable to reapply the same value of the rebates I was getting, so effectively instead of increasing my monthly cost by 5$ it was increased by 15$. I am still miffed about that.
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Ughh, Tech came over just changed a cable said was prob radio interference.

Well after he left, I set to record olympic opening show, came back later it had stopped, recorded about 4 minutes of the set recording. in list just said recording failed. (even said I was not subscribed to this channel, contact provider on screen of tv) it was the CBC and still playing on the TV? then in list said disk full, (had about 6 hours of 5 programs recorded) not one of those recordings played back. all errors, unable to play, try later, lol

So, back on phone for 3 hours with some guy in northern Africa or Egypt I think he said. Anyways. We had a long discussion about many things.

I said The hard disc was prob faulty, So he did a reboot to original settings, wiped the disk, and it did all these updates for over an hour.
His tech engineer said that it was tooo long, so unplug it and see what happens.
Then when it started up a error code came onto tv screen after all the applications set up, but still managed to get it going, up and running.
Tried to record a few times, which seemed to work. it said was recording.
They were there in the list, ohh maybe this nightmare is over me thinks.

But on playback, would macroblock, freeze, studder, speech was sometimes ok but then also only weird noises, everything possible but play ok.
did play ok a few seconds here and there.
I have now put it back in the box, and re-installed by old unit and record onto my toshiba hdd recorder as I used to do, for now.
My other old PVR (illico 1.0) works great. but this was the first mess of crap I have ever had to deal with since Star choice about 15 years ago.

They will send another tech, someday, they will phone back. I just told him I hope he has another unit with him.
I have now spend about 7 - 8 hours of messing around with in 3 days, Not my idea of fun.
It was free, but still a pain to waste time on, sure glad I did not buy one!!
yesterday the phone guy said it was brand new, but it still had Montreal Postal code in it, so I figure its just a problem unit that was refurbished.
The machine its self sure made some awfull noises also when unplugging and re-connecting. I do not care to keep it, they can have it back

Never had any handshake issues with it, just unit would not power on, cannot rewind live tv or it will freeze up and need to unplug for it to work again. that was the first days issues.
and also would not wake up from sleep mode that it went into each night at 0100 am. press power on remote or console box, nothing would happen. although in settings sleep mode was not even activated either. would try to power on at 0600 am, and could not.
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Please elaborate more on the "superior " possibilities of bell STB. I know that the capacity that fibre can handle is much more than copper and this will be a problem for VT in future but TODAY what bell offers that VT is not able to do.
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post #234 of 287 (permalink) Old 2014-02-08, 05:43 PM
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Chillonhill, if you missed the opening ceremony in Sotchi, it is available on Illico-on- demand for free. The events appear after a 24 hour delay. I noticed that men's slopestyle and women's hockey (Canada vs Switzerland) game listed, but if you select them, you get a message saying 'they will be available shortly' . But the opening ceremony is online and you can choose between CBC or SRC versions of the events. My guess is that only events with Canadian participation are actually shown on Illico, but we will see as time goes on.
Look for SOTCHI 2014 on the left side of the main Illico VOD page. It was great watching the Dufour-Lapointe sisters today in women's moguls!!
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And the 3rd sister finished in 12th spot.
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post #236 of 287 (permalink) Old 2014-02-09, 12:10 AM
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Thanks, yeah I saw it last night on cbc.
And the cbc app is ok too.
Yup the moguls was sweet, I am a big skier and actually have done mogul comps in quebec, just open ones to anyone, But have won a few medals also. 1990's

Did a lot of slalom when I was a kid, and was a coach, and ski instructor also.
Jumps. Half pipe. Powder. Skiing is my sport. Still ski pretty hard at 53 years old
But it's a bit longer to get up after a fall, especially in soft powder out west

I actually know Audrey robichaud, and her parents.
Great jumps, She has won a few World Cup events before also, nor am stuff, ect

Was amazing to see the final today, was on the edge of my seat, And yes. Hoping h Kearny would mess up, she already has gold from Vancouver

Videotron coming tomorrow it seems to fix my issue.

Was reading a lot of comments on French and English. Cbc articles, too bad many people turn it into a political arguing match. Lol

Now to watch the downhill, It's a pretty sketchy course, will be very interesting
Go go. Eric guay
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Did you see the intervieiw the sisters did with Ron Maclean on the CBC.

Their parent were in the back. In the front was Ron followed by Justine,Chloe and Maxime. At the end was a lady. Was she the trainer or coach. Did she ever compete also at one time?

Very nice to see Maxime helps out others. Rally liked that interview. Very nice girls.
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post #238 of 287 (permalink) Old 2014-02-09, 11:11 AM
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Just went to see the interview on

Yes thats Jennifer Heil, She won Gold in Turin Italy, and Silver in Whistler.
She was the commentator during the race.

Usually cloe is the best of the 3, she finished 5th in Vancouver.
Their runs were very similar, I think she lost it on the last jump, a little off sidways. and a tad slower during the run, however she was really barreling though the mid section.

I remeber Audrey Robichaud when she started at 4 years old, but do not know much of these 3 sisters as I am in Quebec city and they ski up around Montreal.

want a laugh, here is a 1 min clip my kid made of me doing rails/boxs/ jumps about 7 years ago

Videotron came today and gave me a new PVR Samsung one, all is good, Yes good service. I guess the other ones hard drive was crapping out.
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BTW, we do have an olympics thread for discussion of the olympics.

XXII Olympic Winter Games

57's Home Theatre (Latest equipment & photos)
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post #240 of 287 (permalink) Old 2014-02-09, 12:29 PM
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Yes that's what I thought chill.

Sorry about that 57, got carried away.
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error , guide , videotron

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