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Could be a bad LNB - try reversing them and if the problem migrates, replace the bad one.
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Can I run two 6100 HD recievers and a single 9200 off 1 dish?

I have a 3100, 6100 HD and a 9200 HD PVR running on 1 bell dish. I want to replace the 3100 with either a used 6100 or a 9242 HD PVR. Is either or both posible with a single SW44 switch? Or what would it take to do this? Im sorta novice on this.

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If you are just going to replace a 3100 with a 6100, then you need one SW44, if on the other hand you opt for replacing it with a 9242/9241, then have a read of this thread;

cascading SW44 switch for 5+ tuners
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Basically, swapping your 3100 for a 6100 requires no changes to your current switch and cabling setup.

If you swap the 3100 for a 6100 however, you will have a problem with your current setup because you will have 5 tuners and your switch only provides 4 outputs.

You may want to consider the DPP44 as well (The DPP44 switch). You'd be able to run all 3 of your receivers on a single switch, no matter the model (you could even run 4 dual tuner receivers if you wanted). You would also save a cabling run for the second tuner of the 9242 replacing the 3100.

The downside is that the DPP44 is more expensive and you will probably need to upgrade to DP lnbs. I don't believe Bell has ever shipped DP lnbs.
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post #50 of 92 (permalink) Old 2010-10-31, 07:07 AM
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I am sure that has just confused the OP a little despe666.

swapping your 3100 for a 6100 requires no changes
OK, I agree, IF the OP has an SW44.

Then you add;

If you swap the 3100 for a 6100 however, you will have a problem
Nope, that is the same as above. You mean, "If you swap the 3100 for a 9242 however, you will have a problem. Yes I agree.

Then you suggest looking at DP equipment, while I know it does work and work well, the OP has already said that he is a Novice, so IMHO adding another level of confusion is uneccessarry.

If the OP does choose DP & DPP equipment and has a problem, bell will not be able to help, as they do NOT use DP LNBF's or DPP44 switch's yet, I would suggest this route is best left to more experienced "novices".

Whilst Bell TV do NOT use DP LNBF's they DO use DPP Twin LNBF's that can feed a DPP44, just as an FYI.
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post #51 of 92 (permalink) Old 2010-11-05, 03:24 PM
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Thanks for all your replies! Im just gonna pick up a used 6100 then.
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Audio Loss on 6100 Reciever

Good Day All,

Yesterday afternoon at aprox 2 PM Ottawa time I experienced the strangest thing. My audio went silent. I am connected (audio) to a Denon 1611 reciever via Optical cable. I know my way around these things and checked all possibilities, Toslink working (red light in tip), Input settings correct (HDMI and optical 1), etc. Other functions were OK (x-box, blu ray player). I called the service dept where I bought the receiver and they suggested that it might be the sat box since all the settings appeared to be correct on the Denon. I re-booted the sat box twice to no avail. I was getting ready to perform the last drastic step....the AV reset when my wife said to give the sat box one more try. After going thru all the motions, the program guide reloaded and voila....sound back on. The weird part about this is that the TV in the basement is also connected to a 6100 and there was no interruption down there. Any one else experience this before? Is my upstairs 6100 dying??........weird.
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6100 - No digital audio signal


I believe I have found the cause of the problem, but would like a second opinion from those who may have seen this before ...and thoughts or things/sets to avoid on the next step to 'fix' this.

I have 6100 (bought new 4 years ago from Bell) connected to a Toshiba HD DLP TV with the sound run through to a DENON AVR Receiver. The 6100 & TV are side by side at one end of the room but the DENON is 20+ feet away.

Until yesterday, the sound was running on a pair of analog cables to the DENON - when I finally got hold of a reasonably priced 25' toslink cable to bring the 5.1 digital audio to the DENON - unfortunately no sound!

Trouble shooting, I re-checked the DENON assignments, tested the new optical cable through my DVD player, reviewed and tested all the optional Dolby/digital/PCM assignments on the 6100 ...and while poking around saw that there was no light signal at the end of the cable when connected to the 6100.

Browsing several posts on the forum for similar problems, found none - and finally called Bell TV who indicated there were no other settings to check and concluded that the 6100's digital audio output was dead.

The set's digital audio output could have been defective when I bought it as I never tried to use digital audio until now, but then it might have worked - I'll probably never know.

...to 'fix' this:

- the first & simplest solution is to replace the 6100 with a $60 refurbished & warranted unit from Bell TV. On this Bell replacement, it seems from posts I have read - there is a chance the unit I may end up with could be the 6131 with some limited PVR capabilities.

- alternately, a full function PVR @ close to $500 with possible discounts bringing it down to about $200 ...although I don't have much use or needs for a full function PVR.

Any ideas/replies would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

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I'm not familiar with the 6100, so I don't know if there are any settings which might affect the Digital Audio output. Perhaps someone else can comment on that.

I don't see any great sales on the 6131 right now and it sounds like you don't want a 9241 dual tuner PVR, so go for the $60 replacement 6100, and hope it's a 6131.


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I agree with Scrooloose, paying $60 and hoping for a 6131/6141 sounds a great option to me. You will get either, a working 6100 or a 6131/6141 that will do the same thing as the 6100 (Exception being UHF Remote) and you can add an EHD to create a PVR, it is a win win.
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6100 - Old software

I just re-connected my 6100 for the first time in 4 years. It's software is at E559 (very old). I called Bell to say I want to start using it again but they cannot get the software to upgrade to anything. I was also told the DNASP is very old - no surprise as it was hibernating for 4 years!

My 6100 has the integrated smart chip - I know I will need a new smart card if the software updates. Does anyone know of a way to force the software update?

The 6100 powers up fine and goes straight to channel 198. I can go to System Info as well.

Thanks for any help!
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While on the point dish screen, leave it on sat 91, transponder 13, and then turn it off from the FRONT PANEL. It should turn on itself and begin the update.

Pretty sure that the way to do it.

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post #58 of 92 (permalink) Old 2011-04-15, 07:59 AM
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Thanks Costa! I didn't have to try this as the receiver finally updated to E643. Bell support had me do a similar process the previous night but nothing had updated after 3 hours. I guess it still needed more time. I talked to Bell support again last night in order to update the DNASP as it is also a very old version. This time the rep gave me your exact instructions but I wasn't able to check the results for the DNASP version. I'll find out tonight what happened.
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DNASP version cannot be updated through downloads. You will need a new card at $69 or whatever they charge.
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post #60 of 92 (permalink) Old 2011-04-15, 10:24 AM
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Yeah, Bell charges a lot for a smart card, you might be able to get them to sell you a 6131 for $31 more.. or cut down on the cost of the card.

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6100 , bell , receiver , setup

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