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Problem with Shaw High Speed Internet CS

I had a problem about 3 weeks ago with surfing on the internet. I could download bittorrents and large PDF files normally, but I couldn't surf at all. I phoned Shaw and they said no one else was having any problems. The next day it worked fine.

Fast forward to 3 days ago in the evening. Surfing was impossible, but downloads seem to work normally. I phoned Shaw at 12 noon the next day and I spent about 40 minutes on the phone trying different things with my computer which made no difference. He then suggested defragging the hard drive which took about 3 hours as I had to move a number of files over to DVD because the hard drive was 90% full. It took couple of hours to defrag which of course made no difference.

I phoned back at 8PM the same day and was told that there WAS an issue in my area, and they knew about it since LAST night, but that due to "office politics" they didn't let their customers know right away that that the problem was on their end. I find this very frustrating as I wasted all this time and I also didn't know if there was something wrong with my computer. All Shaw had to do was tell me that the problem was on their end and they were working on it as we spoke. I wouldn't have wasted my valuable time that day trying to fix something that wasn't broken (at least on my end). I use the internet for my repair business, and when it doesn't work I have to try to get it going ASAP. I thought that only Bell did things like this. Shaw is famous for their good customer service. But this time they dropped the ball.
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