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Question OTA Antenna For Traveling Laptop User?


Just joined looking for some good information.. Thanks this group has been lots of help to me.

Just was wondering.. I'm using my laptop to watch and capture OTA HD (haupauge HVR-950). When I'm traveling I use the included antenna.

I get about 7 HD channels in Toronto, and 2 in Montreal (when at work old Montreal). Does anyone know of a good antenna, that is compact enough to travel with.

I have yet to try to plug in at home as I live in the west Island of Montreal and I cannot get OTA with the included antenna.

I also tried an old Radio Shack VHF/ UHF antenna with a 7db gain.. I see they still sell this model, but still couldn't get any signal at home.

If I could get CBS, FOX, NBC, ABC from the states I would drop Videotron HD line up.
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