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post #211 of 544 (permalink) Old 2007-07-22, 12:56 PM
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thanks for the replies, I actually tried phoning twice and both times they told me to call MS to handle it, so I am not with much of a choice. I guess the futureshop extended warranty really is pretty useless for the 360, RROD-wise at least.
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FS PSP is useless for the RROD but it is useful for non RROD problems like the controller breaking or what not.
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post #213 of 544 (permalink) Old 2007-07-25, 01:58 AM
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My 360 started giving me the RROD back on June 20th.

I'm still waiting for my coffin to arrive by Puralator. After numerous calls and time wasted on hold I was finally informed today that the coffin had been shipped yesterday. Over one month just to ship the coffin. I can't even imagine how long it is going to take for them to get a unit back to me.

If it wasn't for the money I'd invested in games and accessories, I'd tell Microsoft to keep the machine.

- Bacon aficionado -
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post #214 of 544 (permalink) Old 2007-07-25, 01:19 PM
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Finally got the time to phone them yesterday about the problem of being logged off of Live after a few minutes. Turned out that I had to open up 3 ports on my router. After I did that, it seems fine. Strange that it worked fine on the 'old' one.

Anyway, the reason I am posting this and to get back on topic; I complained that the games that I had bought on the old system were not recognized on the new system if I wasn't logged on Xbox Live. Also when we are logged in under my daughter's account regardless of Live connectivity. They quickly told me that they were going to get me to delete the games and then give me enough credits to re-buy them on the new machine so they would be tied to that machine as well as my Live account. This surprised me a little because my research had told me that that solution was one that is very hard-fought for. Many stories of people taking many weeks and many phone calls to and from supervisors to get this done. There is a 75 page thread on about it. Now it is the first thing that is offered. I told them that I would call back when I got the port thing worked out and they will do that for me.
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post #215 of 544 (permalink) Old 2007-07-25, 01:37 PM
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Nice work faston... I might have to give them a call to get that done as well.
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post #216 of 544 (permalink) Old 2007-07-25, 09:38 PM
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my friend recently got the RROD on his launch unit; he got the shipment box in a week after his call, and he rec'd his replacement 360 a week after he shipped out (slightly less than a week - he shipped tuesday evening and got it back the next tuesday morning).

so far, between myself and 2 firends who bought launch units, 2 have had the RROD and are on their second units, and 1 has had no problems. the 2 RROD cases had their units gone for a week.
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post #217 of 544 (permalink) Old 2007-07-26, 11:33 AM
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I have 3 launch units.

Of the 3,
- 1 got the RROD in Late Dec' 06. It took 8 - 10 weeks to receive a replacement unit.
- 1 got the RROD two days ago. Waiting for shipping box. I was told it would take approximately 4 - 6 weeks turn around time given the volume they are dealing with since announcing the new 3 year warranty.
- 1 is still chugging along w/o any problems.

So 67% of my units failed over an 18 month period with the dreaded RROD.
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post #218 of 544 (permalink) Old 2007-07-28, 01:12 PM
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My two cents. I originally purchased in Dec "05 from FS. I bought the extended 3 yr warranty at the time. I've had virtually no problems until last month when it locked up in the midst of a game with RROD. This was the day after MS extended the warranty. I phoned FS and inquired as to their policy, they said bring it in and it will get sent out for repairs. After learning about the hokey balance of warranty cancellation if you actually use it, I decided to go with the MS route. I phoned on a Friday, and in just over 2 weeks received the coffin. I packaged it up and sent mine out the same day. I'm on the west coast so shipping times seem to be averaging a week. It looks like its in the toronto area now so should be received on Monday. It will be interesting to see how fast (slow) things progress at that time as next week will be the 4th week since all of this occurred. It seems that it makes a difference where you happen to live as all of the Eastern people seem to benefit from the short shipping times.
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post #219 of 544 (permalink) Old 2007-07-29, 12:20 PM
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My 360 just got the rrod.

Has anyone tried actually driving down to the depot (Im guessing its in Missisauga or Markham) rather than using the coffin? Will this speed things up?

I was quoted 6-9 weeks + shipping times + wait time for coffin. This seems a bit excessive (ie I want to play Halo 3, mass effect and bioshock all of which will be out during this window)

Just a thought....

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post #220 of 544 (permalink) Old 2007-07-29, 01:42 PM
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I just got the RROD, and called yesterday. I was quoted 3-5 days to get the box, then 2-3 weeks for 'fixing', then another week for return.

Interestingly, when I asked about them 'fixing' the console, i asked weather they just send a replacement re-furbished unit, they said that they do not. I think the guy was new, since I doubt MS will actually fix my unit and send the same one back to me. They need to educate their staff better.

Also, I have heard of people getting brand new replacement units, not re-furb models. Anyone here receive a new unit? Or are they all previously fixed boxes?
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post #221 of 544 (permalink) Old 2007-07-29, 01:59 PM
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Location: Calgary, AB
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If you dig back I remember at least 1 person getting a new unit... it basically depends on whether they have any refurbs left from Texas.

Turn around time should be about 3 weeks... but screwups do happen.
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post #222 of 544 (permalink) Old 2007-07-30, 03:26 PM
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I doubt driving down to the depot (Vaughn if I recall) would speed things up much, you're only saving coffin delivery and return time which isn't the slowest part of the process in my experience. About 1-2 days each way.

6-9 weeks seems pretty extreme, I'd guess it would be much faster.
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post #223 of 544 (permalink) Old 2007-07-31, 12:58 PM
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It's almost been 6 weeks and 5 phone calls later to Microsoft and I still have not received my coffin. The call center has been absolutely useless as they claim they have no way of contacting the distribution center in Canada. The last operator told me it was shipped out on the on the 27th, which I find hard to believe considering the operator before told me it had shipped out on the 23rd.

How hard is it to simply ship an empty cardboard box?

- Bacon aficionado -
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post #224 of 544 (permalink) Old 2007-07-31, 01:27 PM
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Dukee, did you ever get an email confirmation from xbox providing you with a tracking number etc...? After my initial phone call, I received an email with the info about a week later, then the coffin got shipped out a few days after that. At least with the tracking number you can see that something is acutally happening. I sent my coffin/console off last week and I seen it arrived on Monday. I haven't heard anything yet but am assuming I will get another email telling me whats going on (at least I hope). 6 weeks with no word is brutal.
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post #225 of 544 (permalink) Old 2007-07-31, 01:35 PM
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None of the tracking numbers they have given me have ever worked on Purolator's site. But then again, that could be due to the fact that they've never actually shipped anything to me.

- Bacon aficionado -
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