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hi, just picked up a 8300HD from FS, so I now, somewhat shockingly to my self, own one. My rental's going back in a few days...

There's a lot of good info on this thread, but some of it's out of date (broken links, etc.)

I'm wondering about the following:

1) What's the -largest- HD that can be put in this thing these days, given the limitations/capabilities of the unit (max power consumption, IDE, etc.)?

2) To open it up, I need the secure Torx #10 - is the only way of buying these as part of a set? I see mention directly above regarding CT, HomeDepot, etc., but no current links showing the best/cheapest product to buy. I can't think of anything else I'd ever own that needs this type of driver, so blowing money on a set seems a bit silly (unless you can convince me there are other usages for these bits)

3) I'm assuming that there's no nice way of cloning the data from my existing box - I've got a couple things saved that'd be nice, but I assume the files are encrypted based on the specific serial of the box.

Any other considerations that may have crept up of late regarding the internal upgrade would be good. I know the external SATA option is on the table, but the noise is an issue for me, hence the internal surgery...

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