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listen, it has nothing to do with seeing the difference in quality. My wife's aunt could not see the difference in PQ between VHS and DVD. She got hers when it was at wal mart for the same price as a VHS and wanted to be "cool" auntie.

My wife can see the difference in PQ. "I am not blind" she says. But she just does not care. If we were not married and she lived alone she might have gotten a DVD player in her house yet. seriously. We have a 65" TV and have both a DVD player and VHS on the TV (I have tried to disconnect the VHS but they won't let me ) and if she is going to put on Toy Story for the kids she does not care about putting on the 4:3 VHS or the 16:9 DVD. she' grab whichever is closest of whichever the kids grabbed and brought saying "this".


When HD or BD are all the store has or is only $2 more expensive than SD software, then J6P will be getting it in masses. until then, forget about it.

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