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Rules of the Forum updated on February 1st, 2006 to add

No posts detrimental to the growth and well-being of this forum - Threads or posts whose intent is to steer a member or members away from the Digital forum are not allowed. This include threads that are self promoting and attempting to get members to visit forums with the same subject matter (i.e./ Check out this great website!) or posts that answer a members question by simply referring a member to another forum (i.e./ Goto and you'll find all your answers there). Since intent is difficult to assess, this rule will be enforced at the discretion of the moderator.

I have hesitated adding this rule because we don't want it to be interpreted as "thou shalt not post links to other forums".

This rule is really about respecting what we are trying to do at Digital Home.

We have had several members recently who have taken to answering every question with a thread from another forum. In one case the member directed people to the other forum in three consecutive posts. Technically he was correct but the truth was the questions were easily answered and by constantly throwing out URL's, he was discouraging folks to discuss it here.

In another instance, someone asked a question that a member replied to within few minutes. The member had NO idea what the answer was and simply told the member to goto another forum for answers and gave a link. This obviously stifles any conversation here and is deterimental to the growth of our forum.

Having said that:

For specific technical information, we do allow members to post links to a specific thread in another forum but we would ask that you only do so when the subject is complex or the instructions are lengthy and complicated.

Answering an inquiry by simply throwing up a URL to another forum is disrepectful to this forum.
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