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Here is another link which describes what the different manufacturers are doing with the FCC's mandate for ATSC tuners in devices that that receive television signals: Tuner Rule Hits Recorders.

All of Panasonic's recorders will have both digital and analog tuners.

LG, Toshiba and JVC will have recorders with and without tuners.

Zenith (a subsidiary of LG) will only have tunerless recorders.

LiteOn will get out of the branded DVD recorder business.

For those who want a VCR with an ATSC tuner, it looks like the only standalone VCR will be the expensive JVC HM-DT100 Digital VHS HDTV Recorder (though I don't think it is available in Canada). Other than that, the only way to get a VCR will be in a DVD/VCR combo unit.
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