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Is there a thread for talking about set top OTA HD recorders?
There is now, Roger!

This thread is for discussing STBs (Set Top Boxes) that can record Digital OTA programming via ATSC.

At present (January 2007) these are the options:
  • LG used to market an ATSC DVR that might still be available - discussed in this thread
  • similar ATSC DVR/PVR products are discussed in this thread
  • feeding a conventional DVR from an ATSC STB (down-converts 1080i or 720p to 480p) - discussed in this thread
  • the OTA tuner built into some types of satellite receivers - covered in other threads so not discussed in this thread
  • HTPC (Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux on PC) - covered in other threads so not discussed in this thread
  • Tivo 3's ATSC PVR capability - covered in its own Tivo thread so not discussed in this thread

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