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Originally Posted by electrocutioner
I was wondering if anyone with a built in OTA tuner is able to record HD broadcasts using a regular dvd recorder?
The short answer is no.

There are several issues here. First of all most TVs don't have any type of video output connecter. Secondly, unless you have and HD-DVD or Blueray DVD recorder you cannot record in HD (it is theoretically possible to record HD programs on a standard DVD, but I only know of one DVD player that will play this type of DVD and you will probably get less than an hour of programming per disk).

Apparently come February all video recorders (DVD, VHS or HDD) sold in the US will be required to have an ATSC tuner, but I don't know of any DVD recorders on the market yet that have one (there are a couple HD HDD recorders and an HD VCR that have them). Even if they do magically appear on the market, I am sure many (all?) will down convert the signal to SD

Is there a thread for talking about set top OTA HD recorders?
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