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I am not the only one bitching about simsubbing,please read the pages of complaints on here from persons who are also absolutely fed up & pissed off at the CRTC dictators with their total control over television.
The major beef that we have all stated on this site - some more well written than I could ever compose - is this,that we pay our cable company a monthly bill to watch the US channels,including the commericals,only to have them "taken over" by Global; or CTV,in other words,we are being denied the
US channels we have legally paid for.If I want to watch the Super Bowl or any other American program on ABC,NBC,CBS, and FOX,I should be allowed to watch them on an American channel,but am being denied my rights as a paying customer by the CRTC. THAT IS THE MAJOR PROBLEM.
When it comes to television in Canada,there is no freedom of choice.You are even denied,under the penalty of arrest & imprisonment,from subscribing to any US based Satellite companys.Why do some persons though risk breaking that law & subscribe anyway,that is a simple answer:
I've been in the US many times & seen satellite tv there,there is a hell of a lot more better quality channels on there.Satellite TV here doesn't even come close to matching the programming on Direct TV or Dish Network.
Getting back to the problem of simsubbing.This outrage has to end once &
for all!! Until this happens,I will be going to the US for Super Bowl Sunday for many years into the future.

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