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Growing up in the 80's as a kid, I quickly noticed that many shows would be interrupted, including the Smurfs on NBC by Global. Yes, even the Smurfs were not immune to the CRTC rules.
Then I really started disliking simsubbing as I got older in the 90's, especially interruptions of US primetime sitcoms. The worst were interruptions of the NBA on NBC by CrapTV (CTV) as well. I got so angry that I sent them several threatening emails to CrapTV.
These days, it's the interruption of the HD networks on Rogers that is starting to make my blood boil. There is no way this should be happening. We definitely should be allowed to watch the original US network without seeing Global or CrapTV on our screens.
I'm just glad I'm not the only one that finds simsubbing irritating and annoying behond comprehension. It's been great reading all these stories about everyone else and how much it bothers them when their US network is hijacked. It almost makes me want to move to the US to simply watch uninterrupted TV - I thought it was a crazy notion to even think of, but then I read the story about going to watch the SuperBowl in a US motel, and I realized I'm not the only one thinking on this wavelength.
Simsubbing had got to stop, no questions about it.
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