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According to global is the life network here. Although likely be both.

Life like hgtv, w, spike, tvtropolis, tbs in different ways not doing well. Spike has a problem knowing what region is watching what. They will put up the next graphic for the shield on the west coast but that is not what airs. Lately the weekly schedule keeps changing each week.

tvtropolis still as pathetic as when was prime. The new name brought with it repeats of past survivor and reality shows that had finished a couple of years ago. Yet they promote as being new episodes. I am at least very grateful they dropped price is right. I don't need to see stupid trailer trash contestants guessing the price of a 79 pinto.

Life and hgtv like so many others airing reality shows with one bizarre concept after another to try to keep to their specialty theme.

At least space has manage to keep their theme but they are stuck airing series dating back to 80s and 90s that weren't that great back then. They are stuck with a very pathetic one - house of frightenstein. All of us on the space forums convince space to move the series to the wee hours of the mornings.

w not doing well for one reason it is a corus station and corus is controlled by shaw. Shaw and corus has done to w what have done to cknw.

crtc been so preoccupied insisting on cancon programming haven't noticed that what is on the air stinks. After cancon crtc nothing but a lap dog for shaw and rogers. Let them do whatever want to screw their customers.

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