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As for corner gas that is a ctv series. A cheap dull copy of northern exposure. I wasn't all that impressed with that one either. Comedy network is part of ctv. Anything on ctv or comedy network will appear on the other.

City, A channel, Much Music, Much More Music, Star all air the same series. City will air battlestar galactica and supernatural because both are popular on Space. Space should be the only one showing both. Space doesn't have enough sci fi and can't afford to spread what have on other chum stations.

Much Music and Much More Music where do I begin. What the heck is the point of 2 channels airing the exact same programming.

As for mtvcan. It is nothing but talktv with a new name. There is nothing mtv about that channel. Also their excuse for not airing music videos is the biggest pile of stinky manure.
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