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Originally Posted by HDTV4free View Post
I called Addisson a year ago looking for a CM4228 and they told me that they didn't carry them anymore because CM wanted them to stock 10k units. Sounded like BS to me but who knows.
I've sent (tonight) CM/Andrew an email about the apparent shortage of CM products in the Montréal region... I'm looking forward to getting their side of the story...

I finally found the CM4228 at Raybel and picked up a 9521A rotator as well. The first 9521A froze up over the XMAS holidays and I had it replaced under warranty. That worked fine until the weather warmed up, rain, then cooled down again. ...
This is not very encouraging...

Gee, I think the very very old rotor that I have on the antenna that no longer works still works and never ever did that (it's probably an old CM rotor too as the control I have downstairs was made by CM I believe...)

I'm not sure but I think I once saw a dealer that said they were replacing some parts to make the CM rotors more reliable but I can't remember what they were doing to them and can't seem to find the URL...

Anyway, I'm on the south shore of montreal and I pick up CBC and SRC HD when the antenna is pointed north and I get enough off of the backside of the antenna to pull in Mountain Lake PBS digital. I have to rotate the antenna south to pull in VPT digital.
Do you sometimes get artifacts/lose the signal or is it overall pretty reliable?

I probably should have just picked up two CM4228's and installed them back to back (would have been cheaper too).
That's one of the things I've been wondering... If you install 2 or more antennas and combine them, do you still need to be able to turn one of them from time to time to compensate for the bad weather? My antenna that has a rotor hasn't been working for a while now and I was getting analog signals with it when it was still working so I'm not quite sure if a rotor is needed in that case or not...

BTW, when you turn a CM4228 do you have to turn it a full 360 degrees sometimes or only 180 degrees (it seems to me like it has no front and back so only half a turn would be needed at most)?

Thank you and have a nice day!

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