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Originally Posted by vw4life View Post
You got Raybel all wrong. Don't deal with them too often but when I do, they are great. Far better than Addison...can't stand the know-it-all employees of Addison and it always takes half an hour for someone to help you out.

When I went to raybel in the month on June, they had 3 4228's in stock. Wasn't yet planning my installation so I decided to wait. Big mistake. Went back in mid-sept and they didn't have anymore.

They are waiting for new ones to arrive. But was informed that apparently CM was sold to another company and they are having trouble supplying the demand. I actually called back toady and they still have no news about the CM and are tried to find them by other means.

I wrote they are very good people there, and that's true. However, not only did Jacques tell me that they were not expecting any 4228 anytime soon and that those were ordered more than 8 months ago, with 23 firm orders, but when I emailed him about the possible availability of a CM7777, he replied: aucun en stock ,actuellement aucune date de livraison. No stock, actually no delivery date!

Doesn't look good!

I agree with you about Addison, particularly the staff part. But at least they got their act together and it's not a messy junkyard anymore. Prices went up drastically though.

Don't get me wrong about Raybel, VW4life.

Reality in retail business is: get the product people want to buy, sell it at the proper price point, and give aftersales service, so customers come back. Unfortunately, Raybel fails on the first one. I'm not angry, I'm sad.


PS: I just called Montcalm in Laval, and they do not carry CM, they carry Winegard...

Still looking to find a cm 7777 in greater Montreal area....
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