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Went to Ace in Colchester, they only had an old distribution amp from CM.

As for Raybel, the only info I got was that they had close to 40 CM4228 antennas on order, since more than 8 months. Looks like CM doesn't deliver. Why? No idea. Did Raybel pay their last invoice from CM? Just asking, as I've seen this happening before, where I worked. Some businesses like to wait past 90 days, or even 120+ , to pay their suppliers. And then they are surprised when they can't order anymore unless it's COD. I'm not implying anything here about Raybel, just that 2 of my former employers were playing that kind of game, until they got into real trouble.

It was my first visit to that store and to be honest, I found it to be quite disorganized. You almost trip on boxes, everywhere. Needs a huge cleanup. I wonder how they can find anything in their mess. Example, they had a Sharpshooter in a box, backstore,they had no idea how much it costs and since when it was there.Too bad, because staff is nice and very helpful. They seem to be understaffed too. Phone was ringing all the time and the two guys couldn't cope. It's sad, they could be much more succesfull, with just a little help or willingness, either.

Not badmouthing, just the facts.
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