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The US stations here are WBZ-CBS Boston WHDH-NBC Boston
As with you there I also have WXYZ and WUHF,PBS comes out of Maine.
Am also thinking of buying an HD TV,but the cost to purchase one has to first come down some more,still too expensive for me yet.

Originally Posted by westmanguy View Post
My cable co is Westman Communications Group.. I actually live in a small town of 2500 served by Westman which is 15 minutes from Brandon MB (When your online and live in a small community you say you live in the closest city to you - safety reasons) Anyways I get all the same services as Brandon MB does, so I have never lied about anything in my posts. Anyways I have NEVER experienced simsubs on any of my USA Networks (WCCO CBS Minneapolis, KARE NBC Minneapolis, WXYZ ABC Detroit, WUHF FOX Rochester). My cable co must not care enough to put the effort out to simsub for a community of 2500. Except my cable co gets these stations from Cancom (yes Cancom does carry Minneapolis), yet no simsubs My cable co does get their feed from SC Cancom and my TBS, CNN, and a few other USA specialty channels are intercepted by SC commercials (I have seen every single SC their is!!) So is this the original Cancom feed untampered by my cable co? Except the thing I am worried about now is I am getting a HD TV this Boxing Day Sales (50 inch) and upgrading to HD and I will be getting CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, PBS HD Detroit Feeds and Rogers Sports Net HD. (2.95 / month). I am worried about simsubbing on these channels. They probably are Cancom feeds too. We'll see.

Anyways we'll see if I get HD simsubs, but I have escaped the peril of simsubs on my regular US nets . Although I end up watching Canadian networks anyways. My CBS, and NBC are not in digital (analog) so I only get ABC, FOX, & PBS in digital - Which makes me sometimes switch over to CTV or Global for the sake of digital quality. I have never had problems with CTV ever. I never watch Global TV unless for timeshift reasons - sometimes Global forgets scenes from next ep.
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