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The SA 3000, 3100, 3200 cannot do what you are asking. (Not sure if a software upgrade could change this). Perhaps a future set-top will be able to.

None of the Canadian specialities broadcast in 16:9. I would guess it would take extra bandwith in the cable/satellite signal. I know it would be nice to see UK programming in widescreen. The thing I don't get, is why don't all channels in Canada/USA start broadcasting in widescreen, and producing their programming in widescreen. It doesn't have to be HDTV, because in the UK for example, it is just a standard PAL broadcast. I also believe there is a market for 16:9 sets that don't support HDTV, maybe 480p at most. This would fuel specialty channels to start broadcasting in 16:9. Some channels wouldn't want HDTV, like CNN for example, because it's just extra work for the makeup artists.


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