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Gee, I thought people would jump in with advice for you, cohoho... here goes...

First, read up on the various connection types in the DHC FAQs so that you can tell what they are capable of when hooking up components like VCRs. In there you'll see that for VCRs and DVDs it is preferable to use composite over RF.

OTA is a different consideration since your TV has a built-in ATSC tuner, so you have no choice in this matter: you must run the OTA antenna coax lead directly to your TV's RF input since it is going to be inputting ATSC (HD 16:9 DD5.1) signals to its tuner.

Then I would run the analogue CATV lead into the VCR since it is going to be inputting NTSC (SD 4:3) and that's what the VCR is made for. Do a channel scan and that will load up all the analog CATV stations you are getting.

Then, based on what the VCR offers for connections, use the best one that it can do. If its composite, so be it, because it is generally better than RF for NTSC programming.

Regarding TV Channel memory, you would use the TV's for OTA, and the VCR's for CATV.

I think this is the simplest/best setup for you since it doesn't require any additional purchases and it gears the signal source to its best medium in your particular case. It also avoids the problem of signal leakage discussed in this thread:
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