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Question Need Advice - CATV and OTA Into Only One RF Input?

Hello from Vancouver. Kudos to all participants of this forum - it is a great resource and one of the reasons I love the Internet.

My HP/Panny PE4200N ED plasma has built-in ATSC/NTSC/QAM tuners but only one RF input. I'm looking for the best solution for utilizing both analogue cable and an OTA antenna signals. If I understand the info provided by Stampeder, an A-B input switch would work. I have a couple questions about this solution:

1) Any recommendations for a good switch that is remote controllable?

2) With an A-B switch installed so that I can select one of either the OTA antenna or the analogue cable signal, is it likely that my TV will retain in its channel memory both the OTA channels and the analogue cable channels or will there be some conflict that prohibits all available channels from co-existing?

The other possible solution is to connect the OTA to the TV's RF input, and connect the cable to the VCR and then connect a composite video out from the VCR to the TV. I have a couple questions about this solution:

1) With this configuration, I would be using the VCR's tuner for the cable channels, right? Therefore, I would not be able to record something on the VCR and watch a different cable channel at the same time, is that correct?

2) Using a composite video cable from the VCR to the TV, is the picture quality likely to suffer compared to the existing coax connection between the VCR and the TV?

If I understand things correctly, a remote controllable A-B switch is the best option - provided that my TV will retain all available channels in its memory without any conflicts (re-scanning channels every time I switched inputs is not a viable option in my opinion).

Thanks in advance for the guidance.
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