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Originally Posted by 987654321
Your results are not the least bit surprising to me.

The first rule of antennae installation is: "Preamps should only be used as a last resort". This is especially true in areas of high signal level.

Always go for better antenna and different placement (usually higher).

What you are seeing is the result of signal overload (probably from the strong UHF analog signals on the CN Tower - both direct and reflected signals).
Yes ... unfortunately that is what I suspected. The better part of the two hours of troubleshooting on the root was adjusting antenna angles and positioning ... according to the compass I am aimed directly for the WGRZ station ... but there are a number of larger houses and 100yr old trees in the way in the distance. The antenna is pretty much as high as I can go, chimmney mounted on my little bungalo (while there are gi-normous 2/3 storey houses all around). So I guess it is so-be-it for now. Anyone want a CM7775 ?? =)
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