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Thanks Stampeder,
Lot's of decisions.....

1) To shorten the cable length, I could move and strap the antenna to a closer chimney to the tv. The only issue to this would be that the chimney bricks are breaking away and are in need of repair. This is why avoided it originally. I have a feeling that this move to shorten the cable length in itself would solve the problem.

2) I like the option of adding the 10db amp half way along the cable run. Does it make sense to add a 16db or greater inline amp?

3) If the above fails, I'll probably goto replacing my 3010A with your recommended CM4228 in the spring.

In it's final configuration I think I'd like to be able to supply signal to 2tv's, my T151, A PVR and at least 1 FM receiver although if I get the 4228 antenna then I'll use the 3010A specifically for the second t.v.

At the end of the day, I'm still doing rather well with channels as the only channel that I'm not receiving is 49-1.
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