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explorer 3290 question

I read on another forum that Rogers was "running out" of SD boxes so they were converting some of their HD boxes back to SD...apparently when this is done the component output of the box no longer works?
Is it possible to convert the box back to full HD easily?
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I have no idea where they got this information. Rogers have several SD STBs - 1840, 3200, 940, etc. The information sounds dubious.

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Is the 3290 an SD box then?
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tombiosis, where did you read this? Three weeks ago I received a call from Rogers, offering me a free PVR, presumably a SD model, which I accepted. I'm still waiting for it to show up.
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3290 is a 3250 prevented from having HD packages added, I suspect that the component out will work.

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The only thing I had heard on this matter was that if you want to rent an SD PVR they will give you an 8300HD but put some sort of software lock on it to prevent the HD outs from working, a lock that can be removed remotely if you want to start paying for an HD box.

I'd be surprised if they were running out of the e940s, I keep seeing them on sale. It's also way more expensive for them to give locked HD boxes instead.
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I can't remember the website where I read it...I've surfed so much on this topic the last few days. That's how I found this informative site.
I know that a friend of mine signed up for rogers a few weeks ago, and they hooked up a 3290, (which I thought was HD compatible), but it has a big sticker on the back that says SD. He does not subscribe to anything but the VIP package I believe...
Could the 3290 be SD or HD depending on how its wired up inside?
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If it has HD ports on the back (HDMI or component) then it is likely software locked into SD. If it doesn't then it's an SD only box.

If his box is a refurb it's possible that the HD ports were damaged but the rest worked fine in which case they software locked the HD ports in order to still use it.
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I am in the same boat.. I bought a new tv and wanted to use component or hdmi but my rogers pvr (8300) only had s-video out.(as the best output) The new tv does not have s-video in.

I also had a plain jane base rental box. So I tried to take it back to rogers and trade it for a box with hdmi or component.

They gave me a 3290 which they said had been turned back into an sd box. but they figured the dvi and/or component outputs would work.

As they said, they would need to charge me for the hd box if I wanted one of those.. even though I didn't want to pay for hd. (they said since there are free hd channels, that I need to pay for the hd rental box)

All I wanted was the better outputs , hdmi or component or dvi, to hook to my new tv, since it didn't have composite or s-video inputs (standard rogers box outputs)

well.. here are my results.

1. Component hooked up, I got no Video, but the audio continued to work.
2. Dvi to hdmi on my tv. - The video works great, but no audio. (unfortunately my tv does not have optical audio in, or I would have tried the optical out audio as well)

so.. is there a way to get into the software settings and turn the hd parts back on ??

or is there some kind of jumper or something in the box turning off the outputs?

Thanks for any info!
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Another option is to save the money you are paying renting a 3290 as an SD box and buy an HD box the next time they go on sale. That's likely to happen closer to Xmas as it does every year. Then you'll also get 25 or 30 "free" HD channels to enjoy for the programming you are paying for now. And you get to enjoy more of your new TV.
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This is crazy how they can continue to nickel and dime us for each little thing. Rogers actually bought these HD devices, but because they offer 2 different receiver options (one HD and one SD), they actually will go out of their way to disable features on the same box. It is initially costing them the same price to purchase them since it's the SAME BOX!

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I just ordered the Digital Trial Pack (aka. sub-basic) and got a 3290 with an SD sticker on it. Still, I figured I would hook it up with the best quality cables I had, and if HDMI didn't work, then I'd work my way down the scale from there.

I was surprised to have some random HD channels show up. Figuring it was a new setup, I gave it a night and expected them to disappear. The next morning I fully went thru my line-up and noticed that while my Super Channel promo was missing, I still had these random HD channels.

So I called Rogers to get this sorted out. The lady added my missing channels but had no explanation for the HD I was still receiving. Essentially, I am getting both the SD and the HD versions (if available) of everything I subscribe to except for the Toronto locals.

Did they essentially fail to put on the software lock that disables HD and I effectively get free HD until the box dies (again the rep saw no HD on my account), or can I expect them to eventually at some random time, send something from their end to kill the HD? Either way, I was honest about it and the agent said I can feel free to enjoy it while I have it.
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you probaly receiving the clear QAM hd channels, these are unencrypted or in free preview. your most likely blocked from the subscription hd channels.

even if you are receiving them, your likely watching them in lower resolution
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Connecting the coax the back of the Sony Bravia produces the music channels with numbers like 134.xx and not much else as far as digital goes.

Note, I am on the Digital Trial Pack, with Movie Network and Super Channel free for 2 months, and the Family Fun theme pack free for 2 months.

With the 3290, in addition to the SD channels I should get, I also get:

312 The Movie Network HD
313 HBO Canada HD
314 HBO2 Canada HD
315 Mpix HD
316 MExcess HD
317 MFun HD
339 Super Channel HD1
340 Super Channel HD2
398 Sportsnet Ontario HD
399 Sportsnet East HD
400 Sportsnet West HD
401 Sportsnet Pacific HD
499 HD Preview Channel
502 Sportsnet Ontario HD
503 Sportsnet East HD
504 Sportsnet West HD
505 Sportsnet Pacific HD
522 HD ABC Buffalo (WKBW)
523 HD CBS Buffalo (WIVB)
524 HD NBC Buffalo (WGRZ)
525 HD PBS Buffalo (WNED)
526 HD FOX Buffalo (WUTV)
535 National Geographic HD
548 bold HD
549 NFL Network HD
550 The Movie Network HD
551 HBO Canada HD
552 HBO2 Canada HD
553 Mpix HD
554 MExcess HD
555 MFun HD
558 Super Channel HD1
559 Super Channel HD2
568 HD Global BC
574 Cottage Channel HD
575 Aquarium Channel HD
576 Sunset Channel HD
581 CTV HD British Columbia
582 HD CBC Vancouver
583 Citytv Vancouver HD
585 The Shopping Channel HD
587 YTV HD (East)
588 Family HD (East)
589 Disney XD HD
590 OWN HD

I thought I was getting an SD box, the sticker on it even says SD, and yet these channels are coming thru in HD quality. I'm thinking I somehow got very lucky as I was completely upfront and honest with Rogers about this, and as yet, no course of action has been taken on their end. The agent told me she fully believes I have a box that at one time was HD capable but should have been reprogrammed to do SD only and if I get more than that, it's a bonus for me. Does anybody know where in the whole chain of things the SD lock truly comes from so I can gauge how long I'll have this bonus for?
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Where to purchase a 3290?

I live in Toronto. I pay rogers rental on a 3290. I read here that I can purchase one. Where would I find one? Does anyone know what they might cost? I am getting some HD channels and want to be able to hold on to it, but would consider buying one if it's going to save me some money.
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