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That bucket of cold patch is a lousy way to "repair" the cut.

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Originally Posted by Tom.F.1 View Post
HDTV101, I feel your pain. I have a similar issue with Rogers.
I have a rogers cable box on my front lawn. I have no rogers services. 3 months ago, they installed a cable (Belden 1829A) from the box. It runs accoss my lawn, up my South neighbors tree, flys 60ft accross MY diveway to my North neighbors tree, wraps around the tree a few times then flys off to his house.

I've called and asked rogers to remove it. Threatened to run over it with the lawn mower. They always want my account number, i explain that i'm not a Rogers customer and they say they can't do anything without a customer number.

I suspect they'll have to dig up my lawn and driveway agin to install it properly. The last cable they installed was wedged between the driveway and curb, just like 101's. Obviously it quit working or they wouldn't have done the flyover repair. The cable has moved, or stretchs twice now, my freind moved it farther up the tree to get it off the top of his van.

I just want rid of it. How do I call?
A Rogers installer showed up, Intek communications, and dug a shallow trench to the tree to bury the cable. Moved it farther up the tree, so now it flys 60ft accross my driveway about 18 ft in the air. He used white tape to tie it to the tree. He says it will be up to a different crew to properly bury it, someday.

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Let's see now, HDTV101's original "Treed Cable" was created on Thursday, July 30, 2009.

I propose we hold a lottery. Everybody chooses their own "Burial Date" (No double entendre intended) and the winner, or closest, gets a gold star.

Put me down for Thursday, April 15, 2010. Hope I'm not being overly optimistic!
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Based on the number of "Treed Cables" I've seen just in my neighbourhood alone, my pick is June 4th, 2015.

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Now I know there is no code governing how deep cable tv must be placed nor in what manner ...

But I am wondering can they place a cable across private property say 12 feet high along with a Bell line going to another client? Must the property owner accept where Rogers/Bell strings their cable across private property?
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Overhead utility wires have long been common, so I doubt you could say much about that. But running a cable over your trees etc., may be a different matter.
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is someone at Rogers trying to harass me.
Just because you're paranoid does't mean they are not after you .....
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Oh no! I think I also read and posted in that other "wire in the tree" thread. I too was going to suggest, as did member STAMPEDER, that theory states that live coax cables carrying RF signals need to be terminated with an appropriate "terminator" if not connected at the customer end. This prevents any leakage of RF signal out to free space (bad for everyone receiving signals over the air) and properly terminated cables also minimize reflections of signal back down the coax cable (bad for other's connected to the cable system).
[Proper terminator in this case would be a 75 ohm resistive load I think ... they're made to screw right in to the coax connector on the end of the cable.]
The better solution (also mentioned by another member earlier) is to have Rogers disconnect the line at the pole tap or box tap and put the terminator (or cap) there. Then the line to the house is NOT live at all, carries no RF signal, and cannot be suspected as the source of the leak.
I could go one step furthur. If you want nothing of Rogers on your property, ask Rogers to disconnect and terminate at the pole tap or box tap, and then you rip out everything else on your property... coax cable, connectinon box (that they usually hastily) screwed to your (outside?) wall, and any crap that you don't need or want inside your house. Rogers will not like this ... because if you or someone else needs this service again at your location, they'll have to redo it new from scratch. Be careful if you decide to do this yourself. Rogers may get really upset. Only do it if you are sure you will never need or ask for service again for them.
Like I said in another post - consider doing all your own inside wiring (properly) ... keep those subcontractor or Rogers wiring guys out of your house, and off your property if at all possible. It's just a personal opinion ...but I suggest: do it yourself your house, or on your property - or hire an independent company to do it properly on you behalf and in your interest.
I am sure this post is going to ROCK alot of people / may upset some people. So be it.
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post #39 of 95 (permalink) Old 2009-08-05, 02:21 AM
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I believe that there is actually a minimum depth for direct buried drop cables. The Canadian Electrical Code 2009 covers this in section 54-700(c) which says "for service wires under parkways and lawns the depth may be reduced to 450mm".
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Rogers has taken my thread on here very seriously. After starting this thread on Thursday night I was contacted by Rogers on Friday. After the long weekend I called back the person who had called me. As it turns out he’s the GTA Manager of Quality Assurance and he was deeply concerned when he saw my thread on here. He wanted to come out right away, which he did within an hour, and see for himself what had taken place. He wanted to get the full story from me too about all the other problems we have had dealing with the numerous subcontractors arriving over the past few months.

Today a crew arrived and repaired my driveway and I was happy about that.

I would like to personally thank the GTA Manager for taking the time come out here and for taking care of everything.
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I would like to personally thank the GTA Manager for taking the time come out here and for taking care of everything.
Glad to hear the happy ending there.
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Maybe that GTA Manager of Quality Assurance should do a better job at overseeing those contractors so that more Rogers customers are not pi**ed off and eventually go to the competition.
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^I agree, maybe if he did his job better things wouldn't get to this and people wouldn't have to spend hours on the phone and then having to take it publicly before anything gets done
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If you need to hire someone to watch each contractor as they do their work, it sort of defeats the purpose of having contractors. Why can't you guys be happy that the situation got resolved? The OP is.
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Looking at my webpage logs I'm now seeing may other sites have picked up on my story on DHC as seen here,

As for why all this happened in the first place the answer I received from GTA Manager of Quality Assurance was that when I called back in April to get the wire they had strung through my tree back in December removed, that was going to a neighbours home not mine, Rogers issued a 'burial order' for that cable... OK to make a long story short they came and buried it a few days later back in April only because by the 4th call I told them I would rip it down myself if it's not gone in 2 days... and in 2 days it was... so from what I'm being told now there was this burial order generated back then that was still active and given to this subcontractor that showed up last week (July) to 'fix my cable' which I don't have. So all of this was just a huge mix-up because as I was also told Rogers deals with 4 different subcontractor companies so I guess it gets hard to keep track of things?. I sure hope Rogers learned something from this... as I was also told they are now going to make sure the subcontractors first check that the address has Rogers services before they dig up the driveway and lawn. As for the 'Leakage' comment on the work order that was unknown as to why it said that...
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