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Caution: "Life-time" PVR subscribers

New to Digital Home. Lots of great conversations.

To Point: I have been a rogers subscriber since 2004, when I was lured from my satellite provider (SC) for Roger's "Ditch the Dish" promotion. I traded in my dish and a reciever for a free SD PVR, as long as I remained a customer. Well it's been 4yrs and 3 months later, and I'm still a loyal customer. The whole time we've only had the basic digital package and been very happy with the service. This evening I was lameting about the fact that I didn't have Space, and was going to be missing the BSG4.5 season opener. So I picked up the phone, called Rogers, and said "how much for the VIP package?". Well I was happy to hear that promotionally (12mths) I could add that service and my bill would be around $50+tax. As I'm currently paying $40 taxes in, I thought that approx $15 more was well worth the expense. And getting in before the price increases, bonus! He checked my account and informed me that my new fee would be $75+taxes.

HOLD ON. I may have "learn'd" math in the 70's, but something didn't add up. After a bunch of inquiries and a lengthy, "please hold while I check some things". He returned to inform me that as of my next bill, my original promotion will have expired.

I SAID PARDON. Apparently, "as long as I'm a cable customer" really means 4yrs and 5mths. Now he did say that if I had "the ad, or some paperwork" that proved I was on a life-time (non-expiring) promotion then I could bring that into a Rogers store and they could probably do something for me. Well, after alot of digging though my filing cabinets, I couldn't find my "ad, or some paperwork". Obviously I was and am very disappointed, but good one Rogers. I guess you knew that people would lose or throw out their proof eventually. I'm the evidence.

I share this so that anyone reading this remembers to get the deal in writing, make sure you put a post-it note on it that reads, "even if I'm 80 and senile, don't throw out my promotional paperwork."

Oh, can anyone suggest any good promotions for other cable and cell services, in about a month I'll be shopping. Thank you for your ear.

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No. Sorry I may have misrepresented my promotion, through a veil of frustration and disappointment.

This was a Rogers promotion from 2004. I was to get (and have been recieving) PVR credits ("free" usage) for as long as I was a customer. Which I infered was a lifetime agreement. Meaning if I stayed a lifetime customer of Rogers cable, I would continue to recieve the credit. Instead, it's only going to last another month, although I continue to be a customer.
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mspitz You should likely simply talk to another CSR.

Firstly, there should be a record in your file at Rogers.

Secondly, at the time you started on the programme it was lifetime, which means lifetime. Rogers changed it in early 2005 to two years.

However, since this was so valuable, you should have kept your valuables, but I don't think you'll have any problem - simply talk to another CSR or talk to the retentions department - they (should) know when it changed...

Also, if you search this forum for terms like "*ditch* *dish* rogers", you'll find previous threads on the topic, perhaps even an appropriate link. It was also called "realchoice".

i.e. PVR Winback promo (RealChoice, Ditch The Dish)

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The promo I signed up for in 2004 was called "Real Choice" and was squarely aimed (at least initially) at Star Choice customers. I distinctly recall I getting the free lifetime PVR rental as well. I know at the time I printed off the web page for my records. I'll have to look for it.

This was the URL: "". I tried looking for it on the Wayback machine but it's down at the moment.

The recent price increase notice put me on alert; if and/or when Rogers tells me they're no longer recognizing my winback I'll drop my sub altogether. Enough is enough.
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the promo code may have fallen off during a plan change, or if another promo was added to the account.

it can be re-added through a process, I would call again.
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I have attached a PDF that contains at least one of the RealChoice offers.

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Note that the fine print says "subject to change without notice". This would allow them to change the offer, however, this would also bring about the possiblility of losing a customer, obviously.

So far, I do not recall anyone losing their "lifetime free" unit, provided they stay on Rogers Digital Cable.

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Maybe if the deal is off, you should ask them for your Starchoice Rcvr back! Shaw had something like that here in Winnipeg, I was going to trade one of My Bell 2700 rcvr's, but I have't found a deal on 150 km's of RG6 yet!
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It happened to my father as well. He lost his discount for the free PVR and I noticed it when he showed me his bill a few months later (I like to check them once in a while to ensure he is getting the best deal). Well, I called CS and managed to get it back by having the rep compare the promo with the one from my own account as I enjoy the same deal.(They looked it up and found the "Winback promo" with the 99 year end date. After seeing this they returned the credits.

However, a couple months ago, when he tried to upgrade to a HD PVR, they wouldn't do it. They said that once it's removed from the system, they can't add a different receiver instead.

It happened to me as well when I added a new SD receiver I purchased from The source by CC. The guy when I called to activate it was having trouble adding it. Then he says: "OK, all go to go...I had to remove them all and put them back, but they are working now". so I asked about the winback credit and he couldn't see it in the system. I immediately called Rogers (Customer relations, which he told me to call) and they put it back in with an expire date of 2099.

So my advice is persistance, don't give up. Just escalate if you need to.
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I am also on the "Free PVR Rental for As Long as I am a Customer" deal. In fact I got the HD PVR and digital receiver. I have since added a 3450 and a 4550 boxes without any trouble.
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You can add and remove boxes as much as you want but DON'T touch the Winback PVR. As soon as you change it, remove it, etc. you'll lose the free rental permanently.

Having said that, what happens when (not if) my SA8000 finally dies and I get a replacement one? Will my deal still be honoured?
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Well your advice was bang on. I talked to another CSR, and he assured me that I would get the promo credits back. He was to send an email to the proper department and voila it would be all fixed. I'll keep an eye on my bill to make sure. Little sceptical still.

Then we had a strange conversation about the cause of my promo being dropped, and what exactly I could do to my account without losing my promotion. He informed me that I was not eligible for any of the the VIP digital bundles, and attempting to add one, caused me to lose my promo. So my question was, "How do I get additional channels?". He suggested that I could add the Ultimate cable package, which would give me channels 30 through 70, for an additional $25. I wondered how many new digital channels I would recieve, in the 100's, 200's etc. He explained that this was not a digital package and I would not receive anything but the 30-70 channels. Not much of a deal for an additional $25. It is very strange that I cannot get a better package at a reasonable price. I've never had such a hard time trying to give a company a few extra dollars, most want what they can get. It appears that Rogers wants a whack of cash or stay basic.

Again, thanks for the input, it was very helpful in dealing with the CSR. I've noticed this "call back over and over again" trend in a number of threads. I'll definately make use of this resource in future dealings. Too bad one cannot make one call get the straight facts, and fair treatment. Rant over.
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I'm on VIP and have the Winback discounts. The only thing they do is that they reverse the VIP free terminal and digital access fee (comes up to $6.48/month), because my Winback credit already include that in it. (Free PVR + Digital access fee and SD terminal credited each month)
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I don't know why Rogers wouldn't allow you to keep your credits...

AFAIK, they don't even distribute standard definiton PVR's anymore.
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