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Awesome thanks DSgamby I will give that a shot today!
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just tried to use shaw chat to request a tech as my gateway has been crap the last few dyas, rebooting itself during recordings losing signal from the main gateway, stuttering video and sound drop outs, basicly being a big waste of money so i go to the chat to request a tech and not wait an hour to talk to someone on the phone but the rep won't even help me tells me to call, if i wanted to call i would have in the first place but i don't want to wait over an hour to have a 1 minute convo just to have a tech sent out.

This is BS
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@ShawnB - If you're still having issues with your Gateway and haven't connected with us yet, please send me a pm and i'll arrange a call back for you.


Sean - Shaw Community Manager
Official Shaw Employee on Digital Home
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The title says 'good and bad' so here's some amazing info: I was on the phone with a Shaw representative who had called me and I got a call waiting beep. The second call was an automated Shaw call reminding me about the service call I have booked for tomorrow. Unreal. Talk about a 180 degree turn around.

I had called Shaw yesterday with a problem getting an old PVR to work and eventually had to settle for a tech visit. To my surprise, I was asked if this Sunday afternoon was OK, just two days later. Then, today, I get a call from this agent, who is actually calling from Cleveland, to 'double check' things prior to the tech visit that is still scheduled tomorrow.

I can't imagine why Shaw would need to outsource this kind of service but I was impressed with the 'follow up' that is taking place. However, I don't really know how it is improving customer service other than to make people 'feel' like Shaw cares about them. Maybe that's all it is, 'perceived good will'?

If you can then do rather than not. You're your own worst enemy. They're parking their car over there.
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We dont have agents outside of Canada that would do that type of call, especially from the States.


I am a Shaw employee, opinions are my own
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You certainly do now as this agent called me and was reading off details about my account and the service call booked for tomorrow. She said she works for 'UEI' and I said, 'the Remote people?'. She said they are the same company and are contracted to handle 'overload' from Shaw. She had all the details of my account without me giving her anything.

If you can then do rather than not. You're your own worst enemy. They're parking their car over there.
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We are working with an organization called Universal Electronics Incorporated – a company that already manufactures many of our remote controls. UEI will work with Shaw on a pilot project to provide additional troubleshooting calls to customers experiencing technical service issues, to help reduce the times we need to visit our customers homes for additional technical service.

The project will run on a limited term, and help Shaw determine ways of reducing service calls by providing additional troubleshooting support over the phone. Shaw is not outsourcing its work to other providers.

Shaw Employee, Opinions are my own unless otherwise stated.
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post #923 of 943 (permalink) Old 2012-05-21, 12:39 PM
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I got a call from UEI last week. Very professional.
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post #924 of 943 (permalink) Old 2012-05-27, 03:34 AM
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Very good service. I know more oft than not, bad reviews tend to be posted more than good ones so I thought I'd put up my experiences to share with everyone.

I contacted forum member and Shaw employee 'shawsean' with some of my account details along with some of my concerns and what I was looking to get (mainly consolidating my bills - TV, Internet, Phone and lowering overall cost). He put me in touch with a CSR rep named Steve that was quite helpful. As it turns out, the CSR's were able to go back into my account history. Based on being a long time customer (12+ years) and making payments on time, they were able to offer a fantastic deal. They definitely worked with me to put together a package and see what codes or deals could be applied.

The first thing we found was that I had been overpaying for High Speed internet. The result was the amount that was over payed was credited back on to my account. Interestingly enough, a similar issue happened with my phone service where a competitor had overcharged, but they had only offered a discount for a couple of months instead of crediting the difference back.

Because I was signing up for all three new services, internet and phone were also upgraded or discounted for a period of time. As far as TV went, we took a look at two options to see about getting exactly the channels that I wanted. Again Steve, the CSR, was able to confirm what I'd already suspected and help fill in the gaps by looking for codes and/or applying discounts. He was also able to offer a discount on a PVR unit, which was a bonus as I had originally planned to buy at a retail store like Future Shop. Setting up an appointment for installation was a breeze and hopefully I'll be able to post back here in a bit about an install gone well.

If you've been a Shaw customer for some time and thinking about changing plans or bundles, I'd highly encourage you to get in touch with either 'shawsean' or 'Shaw Champ' and have them put you in touch with a customer service rep.
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post #925 of 943 (permalink) Old 2012-08-08, 04:57 PM
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Pretty unhappy here. Our 18 month old PVR (moto 3400) abruptly stopped working, showing an 88:88 code, on August 2nd - called Shaw and the technical support guy could not access the box and said he'd have to send out a tech. The first available appointment? August 15th. Thirteen days wait, for a longtime customer with a futzed in-warranty box. The reason for the wait, he explained, was that they are busy installing equipment for new customers.

The only other box we can use is an ancient single tuner digital box. So until a tech visits we have no access to some of the services we are paying for (HD!). Our only other option apparently is to take out box to the Shaw outlet - over an hour's drive each way from us - stand in line for several hours, and swap it for a new one. Which means the loss of all our recordings. Now, I realise the box may well be irretrievably belly-up, but we feel it should be looked at by a tech before summarily throwing it and our recordings away - in which case, we were told, well, you just have to wait then.

Further, when I very politely expressed concern about getting a rehabbed box as a replacement (should the box be a goner) for one that's only 18 months old, the fellow told me that they replace older out of warranty boxes with refurbs and newer in-wearranty boxes with brand new ones ... so, I politely asked him to please include a note to that effect on the service call request, in order to ensure the service guy has a new box on the truck for us, just in case. Aaand...he refused to do so. Polite, and ambiguously worded, but a refusal nonetheless.

Unacceptable. We pay a swacking 165.00 per month to Shaw, have been customers for decades, and when our 18 month old PVR needs their attention they are too busy dancing with brand new customers to care about helping us in a timely way, even knowing that until the problem is solved we haven't access to services are paying for.

Yeah. Not happy at all right now.

(rant over - thanks for listening)
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There's no point in them sending a tech out to check it out as that error code means your unit is toast (and very likely non-repairable).

Your best bet is to drive to Shaw, get the unit swapped then bug them for some credits. They do have techs available for emergency calls in any case.

That or be as persistent as you can about getting a tech out to do a unit swap. Escalating to a manager might help. Inform them that you won't be paying for a service you're not receiving.

Get everyone's name / agent IDENT that you talk with, and document as much as possible.
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Hyperfocal, I want to help you out. Sorry for your experience. If you can message me your details that would be great.

Shaw Employee, Opinions are my own unless otherwise stated.
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post #928 of 943 (permalink) Old 2012-08-08, 05:16 PM
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The visit to the Shaw retail outlet would also be your best bet at getting a new box instead of a refurb. The trucks don't always have new boxes on board except for installers but the retail location should have new boxes. That is long drive though. The other option might be calling in again. Another tech might be willing to arrange for a new box on the truck.

Edit: Nevermind. ShawChamp is your best. I just posted a little too early.
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post #929 of 943 (permalink) Old 2012-08-08, 05:52 PM
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Hi Shaw Champ - thanks very much. Have sent you a PM.
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post #930 of 943 (permalink) Old 2012-08-08, 06:29 PM
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Thanks very much, Shaw Champ, loracweb, and GWNorth. We appreciate your replies. Shaw has contacted us and are helping.

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