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post #16 of 943 (permalink) Old 2004-11-30, 05:46 PM
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Location: Calgary (NW) 50V500A, Shaw Digital 6412; HD and lovin it!
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my stories amplify what many has been said here already. I have had HUGE issues with shaw CSR's and my HD feed in "small town AB". They consistantly told me there was nothing wrong with their end and it was something wrong with my unit.
In the end, there was nothing wrong with my unit it was the head end all along. I will say this however, they credited $50 to my account effectively cutting my bill for Nov in half and I got two phone calls back from CSR's to confirm my HD was up and running...AND, at 830 one evening the poor cable tech in town dropped by to also confirm my HD was now working.
In the end, if they would have just "listened" to what I had to say in the first place it would have saved them (and me) hours / days of frustrations. I do give them credit where its do though, they really went out of their way to make me happy when they did confirm it wasn't an issue with my setup.

On another note, I was told numerous times by shaw that there are NO limits on bandwidth BUT you are not authroized to use any FTP / Web server on personal accounts.
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Originally Posted by Uwish
On another note, I was told numerous times by shaw that there are NO limits on bandwidth
They don't need to put limits on bandwidth, they have throttled all P-to-P traffic down to about 1/3 of dial-up speed. I missed an episode of The Wire (darn 6208....guess I had my weekly recording set to 'keep 1' (the default) and it happily told me that it was going to record it right up til when it.....didn't record it), and had to find on on BT. Took me 40 (!!!) hours to download a 350mb file. Normally that would take, I don't know, 15-20 minutes?
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Location: Calgary (NW) 50V500A, Shaw Digital 6412; HD and lovin it!
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wow, I don't suffer from PtoP governing. I just downloaded a 225Mb file at almost 250k/s

PS there are lots of reasons your p-p connection sucked goat, maybe it was the other end of your connection. I also try to stay away from "the most" popular peer to peer software programs.
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Wait for'll get it

Here's a link to a 40 page forum post about the situation with Shaw and P to P throttling:

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1. Technician visit to home ... Called about some pixelation/dropouts on HDTV
- excellent service. Increased signal from box, replaced cable from wall to 6208, and offered to replace 6208 (had one in the truck).
2. Tech support over the phone ... Asking about adding a hard drive via firewire
- excellent call. Tech had a 6208 at home. Gave me excellent advice ... cannot use hard drive off the shelf, has to be from Motorola, but he gave me an alternative ... he was using a JVC D-VHS recorder with his 6208 to record HDTV.
So, 2 thumbs way up from me.

However, my home theatre dealer told me a horror story about a tech that come to set up a customer's 6208. This guy knew squat! Even bad mouthed the product as overpriced at $800 ... disputed the fact that they had bought it for $498! After 2 hours he gave up and left. When the home theatre dealers went out to the home they found it all wired up wrong ... even had one wire going from the unit and back to itself. How does a guy like that even get a job with Shaw in the first place!!!

WOW TV is here! NTSC RIP!
Shaw Direct/Bell TV/Telus Optik
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Bob, some of their guys are not Shaw guys but outsourced guys. Those are the ones that are "traditional" cable guys and only know about the RF side of things. I've had two different techs in my house. One was the outsourced guy who just replaced my 6208 but freely offered he didn't know too much about it instead of pretending he did.

The second guy was a Shaw tech and was very knowledgable and even phoned back to the guy sitting in the headend to ensure what he was seeing is what they were seeing.
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Phoned in for Shaw repair to come over as I wanted to split the cable feeding my Toshiba (maybe using one of their amplified splitters for free, as well as supply the pigtail). The repair man showed up as per the time block but somehow I didn't get told he was at the house (I was napping) and he added an amp to the incomming line and then left.... HE DID say that he would come back later that evening - when I was home - to explain what he did...

HE DID come back and did explain what was going on AND provided me with a simple 1GHz splitter and a pig so I could split the cable.... Great Service Shaw.... keep it up!!!

Motorola 6208! Toshiba 34hfx84; Pioneer VSX-D812K; Pioneer PDF-1007; JVC DVD/VCR HR-XVC33U; Sony RM-AV3000; JBL Northridge Series 7.1; Lutron dimmer
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telling me I need to plug my 6208 directly to the wall outlet or it won't work properly
Surprisingly enough, that works sometimes. If it does work, its usually because the coax outer shielding is grounded to the house ground improperly somewhere (usually a satellite ground box)

A power bar or surge protector will cause a difference in noise levels between a filtered and unfiltered ground, and can cause analog and digital signal degradation. To rectify, its sometimes better if you risk the temporary plug directly into the power outlet, your signal will still be noisy but at least it will be noisy "in phase".

The proper way to fix the problem is to find the coax ground to the house ground and eliminate it, or just run a new fresh drop.

The same is true of CRT analog monitors, if you are getting a lot of interference, try bypassing your power bar for a short period of time and see if it disappears.

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I wanted to add yet another story that happened recently.

Currently, I pay for the cable/internet bill at home (live with parents). My mom has started to work from home, and in order for her to get some of the internet charges back (from her work), it has to be in her name.

So she called Shaw and spoke to a rep there (I was out of the house). I got a call on my cell from the rep she was talking to (he had her on hold). He wanted to know if it was okay for him to unbundle our current package. I told him yes, but wanted to know the difference in charges.

He said if they unbundle the package I had, that the TV charges wouldn't be any more from the unbundle, but only the Internet charges would be more. First he said it would only be a dollar more. I asked him if he was sure. He put me on hold, and came back, and told me it was going to be $5 more. He applogised, and said he was sure. I asked him if there was ANY more charges at all that my mom would have to pay for to have the internet converted to her name, again he said no, and that he was sure.

When I got home, my mom told me that he told her the same thing. $1 more, then later said $5 more (this was aftering getting off the phone with me). He also informed her that she would be responsible for a $19.95 fee for converting the the account into her name. Obviously she said no at the time, because every time he came back to her, he kept increasing the fee.

When I got home, she told me this, and I almost flipped, but then remember, this is a normal practice of shaw. What kinda joke is this? I will probably end up calling them tomorrow, however I don't think they will budge.
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I have seen the thread here for so long but have been too lazy to post in here for some reason. lol

Well here's my opinion of Shaw CSR's;

I can't blame them for being so mis-informed, they are just doing their jobs with all the information that is provided to them, they are basically there for billing and the slight little problem - they are not kept up to date on current issues and new things in the company andn thats a shame and if I was to blame anyone I would blame management and especially those people in Calgary - I don't see the big secret behind not telling your customers that a new channel is coming before it comes, instead of saying we don't know - and please give your CSR's some new lines or standard e-mail forms as when you hear the same answer all the time its really annoying as "the CRTC regulates which channels we are allowed to have" or "channels are added based on success in other markets" or my favourite one "not enough bandwidth" and I think that one is a lie most of the time, why not tell your CSR's to tell us - well we don't have any transponder space left on our main satellite and therefore we cannot provide it to you, or that you are holding a grudge on certain other companies and you don't want to carry their channels, or something new - I want some new excuses from you guys

So overall - CSR's Good - communication to CSR's By upper level employees

But there are some CSR's are rude all the time - and I am not gonna mention their names, but those people annoy me

But overall - overall - I am pleased wuith Shaw customer service and I have no real problems with it - alot better than the customer service I have received from MTS on several occasions.


- User 'K from Canada' on the MTS Community Forums
- User '7825' on the Shaw Community Forums
- I do NOT work for Shaw or have any connections to the company
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differences in CSR's

I also think there is a difference in the competence and knowledge between the telephone CSR's and the ones in the Shaw office.

I recently moved and found my Bell system wouldn't work because of line of site problems. I called Shaw and asked about incentives to switch from Bell to Shaw and was told Shaw would give my $198 for my 6100 box and they wouldn't buy my 3100 box. She said it was the best they could do. I subsequently went to Shaw's office in Victoria and the rep there told me they would buy both boxes and give me three months of total cable coverage for free!

I packaged my internet too, so now my total cost is down about $25 per month and that is not until my three months of free cable is over.

It was a different experience dealing with a live rep instead of a telephone one. Probably the reps in the office get more information and get is sooner than the other ones.
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Angry "Thank you sir, may I have another?".

I have had nothing but problems with Shaw and the 45-90 minute wait that I go through each and every time I have to deal with them does not even remotely constitute good service. There is no way that my experience is unique and it has happened to me (and friends) repeatedly. Either this thread gets censored or it's yet another example of the spineless Canadian mentality of putting up with whatever crap the institutions we have to deal with decide to dish out.

Ps Spare me the flames. I'm Canadian and I'm always stunned by the garbage that we are willing to tolerate with a smile.
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Anytime I've called, I used the service to leave my phone number to call me back. Works great. Longest wait was 75 minutes. Average 20 minutes. In meantime I can do other things instead of listening to someone's elevator music while on hold.

One thing for certain... none of us are getting out of here alive...
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When my 6208 went tits up (flashing 8888) the shaw guy that came over told me that you the hdtv that we receive is not real hdtv because for real hdtv you need to have four cameras filming at the same time.
This is why he said you can not have movies in hdtv
I kid you not.
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post #30 of 943 (permalink) Old 2005-04-09, 04:52 PM
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Quit Shaw

I would quit Shaw so fast if I had any alternative but Bell Expressvu does not have a satellite that will transmit Hdtv in my apartment building and I have already coughed up for the 6412 and a 6208
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bill , customer service

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