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post #166 of 1214 (permalink) Old 2012-01-21, 12:48 PM
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These are the extra channels in the SPP News Theme not included in the other selections:

HLN - Headline News
BBC World
FOX News
SUN News Network
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hey i don't like my new bill

Current Monthly Services (01-Jan-12 to 31-Jan-12)
Basic Cable 40.95
Timeshift 3.95
HD Plus 16.00
South Asian TV Pack 14.00
Broadband 50 59.00
Home Phone Basic 24.95

Broadband 50 Promotion (expires 31-Mar-12)-12.00
Total Promotions$-12.00

i am now paying $22 more for broadband 50??????? I was paying $37 for highspeed(see post #151)

plus the promo is only 3.5 months??? I got a letter in the mail and it says 6 months
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post #168 of 1214 (permalink) Old 2012-01-21, 04:24 PM
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i chatted online

Jason (12:54:19):

Graham #7550 (12:54:21):
Thank you for choosing Shaw. You've reached Graham in Technical Support and we'll be happy to assist you. We do have your initial question and we are reviewing it at this time.

Jason (12:54:49):
I am wondering why the triple play discount has been moved from my account
Jason (12:55:00):
removed from my account

Graham #7550 (12:55:57):
The discount is still present, it no longer shows up as a separate line item in your bill.

Jason (12:57:05):
i noticed my phone bill is shwing $24.95
Jason (12:57:12):
but what about the other $10?

Graham #7550 (12:57:20):
Home Phone Basic by itself is $34.95, and Broadband 50 is $65.00 by itself.

Jason (13:00:17):
i am still confused aboutt he broadband much is it bundled?

Graham #7550 (13:00:26):

Jason (13:02:23):
but when i had high speed i was only paying $ thats a $22 jump to broadband50

Graham #7550 (13:04:38):
Yes, in this case it is Basic Cable that is the culprit. If you switched from Basic to Persoal TV, you would only lose channels 19 and 20, W! Network and Country Music Television, but your bill would drop by $25.00 per month.
Jason (13:06:48):
how would it drop by $25?
Jason (13:07:06):
how much would cable & broadband 50 be?

Graham #7550 (13:08:02):
I believe the bundle discount of Broadband and our other newer Internet packages is greater with Personal TV.
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I could be wrong, but I think you lose more channels than that going to Personal TV. None of them mattered to me but I think it was a couple US SD channels. Worth comparing for yourself before you switch..
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post #170 of 1214 (permalink) Old 2012-01-21, 04:52 PM
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i am not switching

because south asian package would be $6 more plus hd plus would be $4 plus $12 for Oasis, DW & HDNET

thats $22

so i would save $3
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post #171 of 1214 (permalink) Old 2012-01-21, 06:24 PM
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Well, you seem to be in the same place I was, before I switched to Best of HD (only difference I have DCT3080 + DCT3416). You would likely have:

Basic Cable $40.95
HD Plus $12.00
HSI 7.5 $42.00
HP Basic $20.95
Total $115.90

You may consider the following package:

Personal TV $25.95
Best of HD $20.00
Family Theme$ 5.00
HSI 10 $33.95
HP Basic $15.00
Easyown Gateway+1portal $10.00 (or $348 outright)
Swap DCT3080 for 2nd portal $0
Total: $109.90

If you don't want to go with the gateway, you can get an Easyown DCX3400 PVR for $6/mo (or $198 outright). The Expander can be used with any PVR, but you'd have to reformat it to switch boxes.
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post #172 of 1214 (permalink) Old 2012-01-21, 06:43 PM
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sounds like we have the same hardware:
DCT 3080 PVR Dual Tuner
HD DCT 3416 PVR Dual Tuner

so with those above packages, they wouldn't include all the channels we have now with HD & HD PLUS, or would we?

also, the above plans internet speeds seem lower. we are on HS right now, and i just did a test and we are D/L at 20mbps (which is higher the the above plans)

or am i missing something.

thanks for the replies
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post #173 of 1214 (permalink) Old 2012-01-21, 10:32 PM
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You would be missing HDNET, Discovery World, and Oasis. They can all be added for just under $4.00 a piece. That is just for HD channels. There are a number of differences with your sd channels, and your analog channels will eventually go away. You will get the new channels which will I think be charged for after the free preview ends at the end of January with the old HD+ HD basic plan (Space, BNN, Discovery, Animal Planet, Bravo-at least that is what it is in BC).
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post #174 of 1214 (permalink) Old 2012-01-23, 04:44 PM
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About which channels are lost/gained by jumping from Basic to Personal TV, I've posted this before but it needs to be updated, so here's my list for Vancouver area subscribers jumping from Digital Basic + $16 HD Plus ($56.95) to Personal TV + Best of HD ($45.95):

Channels Lost                  Channels Gained

19   W Network                 29   HGTV
20   CMT                       31   A&E
64   WSBK Boston               33   CNN
65   KTLA Los Angeles          34   TLC
67   WPIX New York             39   Showcase
87   PBS Detroit               40   Bravo
88   E!                        42   Discovery
89   Telelatino                44   History
91   Teletoon Retro            45   Space
94   MSNBC                     51   Family
95   Cosmopolitan              52   Food
122  MTV                       53   AMC
143  CNBC                      54   The Score
145  Sportsnet West            55   Speed
146  Sportsnet Ontario         58   BNN
150  NFL Network               69   Encore Avenue 1
520  Talentvision (Chinese)    83   NBC Detroit
910  CPAC (French)             84   ABC Detroit
                               85   CBS Detroit
228  Discovery World HD        86   FOX Rochester
230  Oasis HD                  101  MovieTime
235  HDNet                     115  Disney XD
-------------------------      126  TV5 (French)
18 SD, 3 HD channels lost      134  Animal Planet

                               247  Space HD
                               248  BNN HD
                               249  Discovery HD
                               250  Bravo HD
                               251  Animal Planet HD (after DNU)
                               24 SD, 5 HD channels gained
If you're jumping from grandfathered $12 HD Plus, you're losing only 2 HD channels because Oasis HD is not included with $12 HD Plus.

If you consider the SD equivalents of the HD channels to be redundant (not everyone does), then you're gaining only one unique SD channel (TV5 French).

SPP Vancouver Lineup
Legacy Vancouver Lineup (outdated)
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post #175 of 1214 (permalink) Old 2012-01-23, 05:48 PM
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Does anyone have a list like this for the Calgary area? I'm considering the switch but still not sure it is worth it. A rep today told me it would be cheaper for me to stay with the Basic + HD Plus. I'm still just not sure.
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Near as I can figure and from what two different CSRs have told me, it is cheaper to stay where we are. Sadly, there is no option to reduce what you don't want and get more of what you do without paying more. Or, more correctly, get less of everything and still pay more.

Very sad indeed.

If you can then do rather than not. You're your own worst enemy. They're parking their car over there.
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post #177 of 1214 (permalink) Old 2012-01-23, 05:52 PM
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Well the channels are probably the same, only different channel numbers.

In HD, even the commercials are enjoyable!
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post #178 of 1214 (permalink) Old 2012-01-23, 05:59 PM
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Could some one tell me if this would be cheaper if I went to Personal TV + Best of HD instead? I would like to keep the same Home Phone Basic and the HS internet, I think it is just called HS 50 now. I also would like to keep Treehouse & Disney Jr for the kids and NFL Network as well. I'm not sure if I lose those or not with the switch. If I do lose them I think I might have to add some themes but I just want to make sure so I have an accurate cost to make a good decision.

Monthly Services from a few months ago (only bill I had in front of me right now)

Basic Cable 38.95
HD Plus 16.00
High-Speed Internet 49.00
Home Phone Basic 34.95
Triple Play Discount - 20.00

Total Current Monthly Services $118.90
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post #179 of 1214 (permalink) Old 2012-01-23, 06:17 PM
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High Speed Internet is 7.5mbps. BB50 is 50mbps.

You could do this:

Personal TV
Family Theme
Sports 1
Best of HD

High Speed 10 - you will upgrade from 7.5mbps to 10mbps.

Home Phone

Total: $109.90.

In HD, even the commercials are enjoyable!
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post #180 of 1214 (permalink) Old 2012-01-23, 06:29 PM
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Oh yes, HS 10 is what I meant. So I do lose those channels I listed before in the switch and will have to add themes? Well that looks little cheaper.

I wonder why she told me it would be cheaper to stay? Maybe if I wanted all the channels I have now it would be cheaper to stay. Some of them I don't care about so I don;t think that would be a problem.

I do really wish I could just pick and pay for any single channel I wanted. That would make it so much nicer and easier to understand what I get and don't get with each package.
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