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Future Shop had them on sale for their "boxing week". I got the last two locally. Not sure where else they're available.
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OK/Select button?

I have a Shaw 1055 Atlas DVR remote. I'm trying to push "Enter" or "OK" for the selected device, but whenever I push the "OK/Select" button (which seems to be the best candidate), it automatically activates the "CBL" device. Is this normal expected behavior? I don't have the original remotes for the devices (I'm in a rental place), and I can't select various functions on the TV and DVD player.

Any thoughts on how I can make the "OK" function get through to the device?

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Backlight feature won't shut off

I have one of the new shaw dcx3400 units with the Atlas universal backlit remote (1056B03)

Everything seems to work ok, I can use the setup button and do all the codes and such...

right now the backlight comes on for 4 or 5 seconds every time I push the buttons and then will go off afterward... but this feature will not disable

I would rather not waste power lighting up the remote every time I press a button when I can see the buttons perfectly fine

Supposedly you hit the setup light button 2 times in a row within 1 second and it should disable it... repeat this and it turns it on again... however mine never turns the backlight feature off.

Does anyone know some way to disable the backlight feature?
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Atlas website no help … The manual only helps for programming codes and the website suggests pushing SETUP twice, which is as you pointed out a futile exercise. (I just tried it with mine.)
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Aaah... so yours does it too?? Hmm I wonder if this is a "feature" or flaw from the remote manufacturer... when they programmed their Shaw branded remotes...

I emailed the company who makes them and shaw.... perhaps some day one of them may reply to me...

I thought my remote was just faulty...

Can anyone else confirm if they can disable the backlight on their remote for the newer Shaw PVRs?

Also... does anyone else find the new remotes to be more uncomfortable to use than the old millenium ones? While it may look better... I do find it less ergonomic

Originally Posted by downbeat View Post
Atlas website no help … The manual only helps for programming codes and the website suggests pushing SETUP twice, which is as you pointed out a futile exercise. (I just tried it with mine.)
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Why would shaw replace the atlas 5 device remote, with this new 1 device backlit remote. You would think Shaw would put into consideration that most people have Blu-ray Players, Audio Receivers. Also remove the learning function on the remote

Last edited by devenprasad; 2012-03-08 at 05:46 PM. Reason: added more detail
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Because most people don't use those functions on their universal remote. Most people just use the remote to control their Shaw cable box and TV only.
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From my personal experience dealing with customers, many like the ability to control all of their devices with one remote. With that in mind though I have found that most customers like the extra functions and features that come on their DVD and Blu-Ray and Surround Sound system remotes and prefer to use those remotes for those products. Also with the more common acceptance of the Harmony remotes more and more customers are using the Shaw remote simply to turn their TVs on and off and control only the Digital Terminal.

In addition to this from a Shaw stand point if you keep the remotes simpler it really does mean less things that can go wrong with the customers setup by pressing the wrong button on the remote. This would cut down on calls to the office for assistance.

I understand what you are saying and I have a couple Atlas remotes stock piled as I know there will be customers who absolutely need them in order to control all of the equipment they have and are familiar with all the features to do so.

Designated Shaw Employee representative for Cable & Digital Cable for Digital Home Forums.
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I just want to turn off the back light unless I want to use it... the feature works perfectly on my TV remote... but not on this Shaw remote... the function to turn it off does nothing.. so every button I press now lights the pad up for a good 3-5 seconds... pretty good for killing the battery since I never watch TV in complete darkness

and no... the info listed in the manual or on the remote site doesn't work to turn it off... it is as though shaw's programming in the remotes disables the ability to turn off the damn back light

I also prefer the layout of the old millenium 4 remotes over the new ones... they were far more ergonomically designed... I would still use my old one but it doesn't have the green "list" button which lets you get into the PVR function...

Other than that the old one is much better designed... it doesn't contort the hand or need 2 hands to work like the new one... and no back light to drain the battery either
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So who will be the recipients of the stockpiled remotes?

Shaw could always provide the remotes but support only the default/reset settings, however for not much cost allow more features and even "remote" addresses for multi Shaw device control such as Shaw Direct provide.
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Did you ever find a solution to this problem as I have the same problem?
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tried contacting shaw... as well as the remote manufacturer.. both might as well have sent me a picture of themselves flipping me the bird....
even after a couple email to both... I got the same response... NOTHING!

so.. if I want to use the new remote I will have to put up with using rechargable batteries as they eat through them pretty quick backlight being on alllllllllll the time... even though it is supposed to be able to shut off... shaw's programming on the remotes prevents it... kind of like shaw's programming prevents you from turning the base HD boxes into PVR able ones by adding your own external USB storage device...

but what can you do... Telus or shaw.. and no other option... and Telus is many many times worse than shaw for everything... other than commercials...

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Remote light blinking longer

What does this mean?

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What do you mean by longer - say six flashes? If so, weak battery. If not, please provide more explanation.

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Latest Shaw remote

I was at a friend's place on the weekend helping him move into his new place and Shaw had been by earlier in the week to hook up his 'basic' cable and internet. They had left him with a DCT700 but it came with the 'new' remote. This is the same remote that shows in the new 'Exo' guide user manual but I guess it's the new 'standard' remote.

It has the 'Input' button but the rest are spread all over the place, like the 'Last' key is way down near the bottom. Who designs these things? Here's the link to the picture file so you can take a closer look:

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