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Shaw Picture Quality after Jan 1 2010 Calgary Power Outage

Wondering if anyone else is having this issue or noticed.....

Jan 1, 2010 NW Calgary, 9:10am to 12:05pm
- 8000 residents withoutpower
- some areas, the power was cycling multiple times per minute for 10min periods

I have a new 1080p LCD and recently purchased the Pace Summit.
Picture was outstanding!! Even regular SD was WOW!

After the Power issues on January 1st, the quality has never been the same.
Chunky, pixelated, lag, shadowing, ghosting lines around objects.....
When movement stops, the picture improves... (ie: someone stops walking for a moment)
SD looks horrid.

Called SHAW last night (couldn't handle it anymore).
They figured the Pace may be the issue.
Sent out the Service Tech 9:30am this morning (wow!)

He replaced the Pace Summit with a brand new one.... exact same results!
Checked the signal.... perfect!
Said that's all he could do and was gone.

I have an AppleTV connected to my TV... it plays perfect!
HD material is perfect on all 4 on the HDMI inputs on the TV
So it's not the TV or the HDMI cable(s), since I've tested out cables as well.

Connected the Pace to the TV via component... no change.

Just to ensure that it's not the TV (even though the AppleTV testing satisfied my tests) I opened up a brand new in the box 23" Samsung 1080p LCD and connected it via HDMI..
Exact same results !!

My CTR TV via S-Video on the DCT2524 looks 10x better

If it's not either of the Pace Summit's
Not either of the 1080p LCD tv's
Not any of the HDMI cables
Not any of the component inputs
Yet this all happened after the power outage.....
Would this not then point to Shaw??!

They are not interested in hearing this and (of course) let me know that there isn't anyone else experiencing this issue.

I'm just wanting to know if anyone else in NW Calgary with Shaw HD is experiencing anything like this.


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Round Two

The saga continues....

Just had Shaw here again to continue to trouble shoot the issue.

This time they went down to the basement and conducted signal test, replaced RG6 ends, tested cables, etc...
Signal is within specs...
But viewing the HD channels..... even the tech could see the quiality was not up to HD standards.

I'm not usually home in the day time, and admitted to him that the quality was much better right now (at the moment he & I were watching different channels for comparrison).. but in the evening when I watch tv.... it's horrible!

What's interesting is that the HD Movie Channels are way better than the other HD channels (sitcoms and such).
Watching the hockey game last night on HD... the quality on the SD channel was actually better than the HD channel.

I'm convinced that the signal is fine... but whatever is feeding the source is having issues! Plus I don't believe that 90% of these HD channels are real HD anyhow... just upconverted crap.

Should I be seeing fuzzy pixelation, frozen parts of the screen, blurry text, lag, or are my expectations too high?
And what does it mean if I see this on my regular CRT TV with the DTC2524?

I'm back to standing 10-15 feet back from the TV so that I don't notice it as much - yikes!

It was fine before Jan 1st power outage.. not now.

Anyone else in the NW Calgary (Hamptons, Sherwood, Kincora, Hidden Valley) with HD that is noticing that their quality is not what it should be??

How much bandwidth is needed for the HD streams?
My Internet speeds (supposed to be 7.5mbps) is only able to sustain 3.8mbps downloads during mutiple speed tests conducted through different times of the day and wee hours of the night.

The Shaw tech said that they haven't hear anything from anyone else in the area having the HD issues I am having. But did mention that the issues that he is dealing with in my area are all Shaw Phone issues.

I don't have a Shaw phone.. and would love to make a wild jump to try and tie the phone issue and the HD issue together... but can't do that.
However, bandwidth, latency, QOS, etc all play havoc to VoIP phones.

I just want to know that Shaw's equipment, that is feeding this area, was not damaged during that power outage and is not responsible for the quality issues I am experiencing
(err umm... and the phones issues - had to throw that in there for a far fetched grasping at anything attempt )

Shaw tech said to call them back for an evening appointment if the condition is worse in the evenings...

Not many options left.

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This may sound like a completely random idea... but given the options so far...

I noticed something random with my cable connection today. I was working with my soldering iron (some robotics stuff, kind of redundant) and noticed that when I turned on a lamp while working, there would be a brief electrical spike. My shaw box, although not out of the same receptacle, was on the same breaker. The box did not power down, but rather just dropped out briefly.

Sorry for the rant, but I believe your issue is due to an irregularity in the electricity being provided to the box.

I used to encounter a weird issue like this where randomly if there was a power issue with a PC cable, I needed to unplug at both ends, not just one.

I have a few suggestions for you to try... They should eliminate a few factors:

1) Unplug at every step from the wall to the TV / Pace / Stereo. Anything hooked up. If you have a power bar, unplug it from the wall as well.
2) Unplug the coax cable from the Pace
3) Press the power button on the Pace to ensure there is no static left in the unit.
4) Using a screwdriver or a butter knife, short the wire and the shielding on the coax cable. This fixed my activation issues, so it may help if there is a charge left in the line.
5) Re-attach the coax cable, and plug in all the devices.

Sorry in advance, I know your menu will need to rebuild. Hope it works!
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Shaw Break Through....

Thanks for that reply.
Changing out the Pace PVR would have solved that... but it was the same with the new box.
But also tries what you said... no difference.
Even have a power logger (WhatsUp Meter) monitoring the outlet.


This evening at 7:30 was incredibly bad!

Channels 199 to 210 are so bad.. all you see is pixel blur!
This is High Def??

So I recorded 2-3 minutes of each channel to the PVR and then went back to ensure the PVR recording got it!.

Called Shaw, since the last Shaw Tech said to call in again when it happened again and request a 3rd Service Call, but for the evening.

Waited 40min.... but got through and re-pleaded my case... with better recorded proof.

I either got a guy who is great at telling me what I want to hear... or one who is thinking outside the typical Tech Support role Box!

He suggested what I tried to tell the Techs that were here.....
He suggested that it sounded like one of their "Nodes" in the area that may have the issue! (we have a break through!)
"Just because the signal is good, doesn't rule out that a equipment in one of the nodes (or a line drop) is operating correctly. If certain channels are worse than others.. there could be some over saturation during peak times and your HD quality could be visibly effected!

I'm making notes regarding this and will setup an appointment for them to check that area out, as well as the connection outside of your house at the hookup point

Have you noticed any speed issues with your Internet?"

I'm still in shock!!
Turns out that the power outage knocked out equipment in the Airdrie area where they had to quickly replace equipment to bring service back up again.

Have another appointment booked for the 26th.... we'll see what they find then.

Fingers crossed!!
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Actually that sounds very promising.

I had an issue long ago with one of their nodes. The cable modem was dropping out a lot. I basically got fed up and said their gateway had an obscure waveform and such, and I got to a level 3 tech on the phone. When he looked at it, he went quiet and sent out a tech to work on their box.

It wasn't the most... err... "professional" approach to play them, but it takes a more advanced terminology for them to do what you want.

One thing, when that tech comes out, if he ends up at the residence, get a work-order receipt as record of what they did. That way, IF (please hope not) you have to call them out again, you have tons of evidence. Oh, keep those PVR recordings too

I really hope you the best.
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