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Competition is one thing, but to offer services at well below the cost and take a LOSS only to rid themselves of any real competition is obscene.
I guess Shaw realizes that they can't compete on a level playing field.
Novus's services must be exceptional for Shaw to stoop this low. Shaw's philosophy is to monopolize the market then stick it to all of us.
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Trainwalker - Did you catch the part about its actually predatory pricing?

And Trainwalker since you work for Shaw add up whats being offered here http://img198.imageshack.us/img198/3...wcableserv.jpg and check the price. That is far below Market rates - At home i have classic cable, 15mbps Int, HD Plus and some digi choice channels and my bill totals over $130 a month that doesnt even include phone and my cost is going up a second time this year why?

Edit again: After some research Shaw has Novus in court all the time over ridiculous stuff that has been denied over and over again but yet still Shaw persists! why is that?

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I guess Shaw is increasing everybody's prices to subsidize their anti-competitive offerings to a select
few in some competitive buildings in downtown Vancouver. Check out the link above and see how badly the rest of us are being screwed. I called Shaw and complained and they told me I didn't qualify.
After much complaining they did agree to cut my costs somewhat.
If I were you I would call and complain. You just might be able to get some sort of deal. I am still really pissed.
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So yea i called them and they told me well we would offer you this promo if you move downtown. Pfffft right there hitting it home that its only downtown - sad part is do they offer this to their own customers living in these select buildings already, and I did create a previous thread that had an old promo offering prices for less service at a more expensive rate than what they offer now so the question im asking is did the first run of promo's not have the desired effect so now they offer another one with even more for less? Their original promo which as it seems they offered for a good 5 months in a row was their B cable plus some digital stuff for 9.95 first 2 mo's free and rental on a PVR for 1 year free, internet extreme for $19.95 first 2 mo's free and Shaw Digital phone basic for $14.95 including only call display - now we look at this new promo and ask ourselves what is this campaign really designed to do. I have some friends living downtown that are also very angry at the fact that Shaw has not only been mailing things to them incessantly for months that now they are being so brazen as to knock on their door offering this promo to them knowing that they are Novus customers - Now ask yourself why would Shaw go into a building that is clearly marked NO CANVASSING - and knock on peoples doors that are Novus customers? p.s my friends complained and were totally disgusted by these tactics.
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I went for this deal purely for economic reasons. I'm not proud. Shaw is ripping off Novus and non-Novus subscribers of Shaw. But, it is business. Due to economic hardships, I had to give up Novus' far superior sports (no jaggies) and way better digital channel clarity (TMC on Shaw sucks) to save a lot of money. In tough times, life comes down to quality vs. survival. I chose the latter. In those situations, predators always win. If I was in a good situation, I wouldn't do it. But times are bad and so is Shaw. And me, too.
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It appears as though Shaw is not "people powered" as suggested from their incessant commercials, but powered by GREED. I am a p_ssed off customer with no viable option. PLEASE Novus come to my
building and I promise to switch no matter what Shawddy service offers me. I am tired of the long phone waits, the audio drops, the constant rate increases and everything else that Shaw does badly.
PS - Shame on you Skysaxon for doing exactly what Shaw wants. Helping to eliminate the competition.
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Who in their right mind would not switch even if it was just for the year. Heck I did it with telus at my last building as they offered me free internet, and hdtv for a year with just paying for home phone.

Yes it is not a nice thing for shaw to do and it will damage novus badly I am sure. Kinda sounds like how MS used to operate untill they got slammed with billions from antitrust settlements.

TBD yet again :)
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they're only doing it to win over customers, there doing it at a loss.. those customers won't get to keep 9.95 indefinately. Shaw would lose money.

That being said, it shows what shaw might offer had they actually had some real competition.
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Novus - No extra outlet fee >.>
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Is Novus going to take this to the Competition Bureau? I don't think the CRTC has any pricing teeth in an unregulated area. Problem with the Competition Bureau is that about 75% (as I was once told) of the businesses being targeted by predatory pricing go under before the Bureau gets around to dealing with the situation.
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CRTC has already ruled that this type of behaviour by BDU's is legal. There is a general deference amongst administrative tribunals and courts (Human Rights Tribunals excepted) to defer to the specific body responsible for the administration of a regulatory system. In other words, Competition Bureau will not insert their own read of the law in the face of the CRTC's read.

Second, Novus does not come to this complaint with clean hands. This issue arises only in buildings developed by Concord Pacific. Concord Pacific and Novus share common ownership. Concord Pacific locks Shaw out of these developments until after possession essentially handing the customer to Novus and providing them an advantage. It is not a level playing field. Shaw's promotional activity is a direct response to the marginal business practices of Concord Pacific and Novus.

Lastly, I said this before in this thread, why does this upset anyone? It happens in every business. Telcos loss lead promote against each other. Wireless companies do it. Newspapers to it. And on, and on, and on. Unless you're equally angry at your cell phone provider for the deal new subs get and you don't, you have no valid gripe against Shaw. If you are angry with your cell provider ... fair enough.
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shaw anti-competitive move

Hey johnycanuck
Here is an excerpt from the Governments Anti-competitive agency.
As you can see with shaws newest offers, they meet and exceed all of these
points. I sincerely hope they get trampled from both the anti-competition bureau and the civil courts of BC or Canada. Any company that is this ruthless should be taught a lesson. It's about time shaw was put down.

Subsection 79(1) sets out three essential elements that must be found to exist for the Competition Tribunal to grant an order. The Tribunal must find that:

1. one or more persons substantially or completely control, throughout Canada or any area thereof, a class or species of business;

2. that person or these persons have engaged or are engaging in a practice of anti-competitive acts; and

3. the practice has had, is having or is likely to have the effect of preventing or lessening competition substantially in a market.
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I'm not going to repeat an entire post on the subject (you can read it here), but the CRTC has already ruled this type of promotional practice is legal.

The CRTC administers a comprehensive set of regulations that govern the industry in question. Those regulations include pricing and competition. Where those regulations conflict with the Competition Act those industry specific statutes must be preferred. In addition, the Competition Bureau must defer to the CRTC on the meaning of the law. That deference is not discretionary.

And, what is more ruthless than Concord Pacific locking Shaw out of its developments to provide favourable access to a company with share ownership ... Novus? Neither Novus nor Concord Pacific are on the high ground here. They are behaving in a strongly anti-consumer fashion, but you seem OK with that. Care to explain why?

Lastly, you still won't comment on why this is even objectionable? You don't complain about your cell phone provider doing it, so why are you complaining about Shaw?
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Once Shaw kill Novus, be prepared to pay through the nose. Unregulated competition amongst 4 800 lb gorillas is one thing. Unregulated competition between a shark and a minnow is another.
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Huh? It's pretty clear what Shaw customers pay outside of this promotion and it's not "through the nose". Shaw's pricing is by and large on par with Rogers, Videotron, Cogeco, Bell, and everyone else.
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