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PleX Media Server

Not seeing much in this forum on it.. so I thought I would make a post, posting my experiences, etc with it, for any others to see, ask questions, start discussion, etc.

PLEASE, I don't want to make this into a "XMBC is better thread, etc" sort of thing. I have used XMBC for a while, media portal, and WMC. Please keep it to PLEX if you can


Who is Plex for?

Someone looking for the FULL all around solution, likely Plex isn't for you.. it doesn't have all the same sorts of plugins and extras like XMBC for live TV, recording, etc.

Plex, is primarily someone who is looking for PLAYBACK/streaming of separately downloaded content, etc.

What is lacks in extras.. it excels in simplicity. Of all the different ones I had tried, I found it the easiest to set up.


Setup, was extremely simple.

Run the installer and start the server. It runs on whatever you are using as
your 'server' as a web service. All management for it generally, is done from a web interface. You can run the interface from the tray icon, or point to the URL from that PC or any PC on your local network.

Create a new section.. choose from choices of "Pictures, Music, TV, Movies". This chooses which agents it uses, to go out and collect the info on it for the database.
Choose the folder where that media is stored, and away it goes, it will start building that section, and downloading the data for each of the things it finds.
(as with any media server.. the better formatted your movies, etc are.. the easier it will find them, less having to rename, re match, etc)


If you are running playback on the same box, you will have to install the player program there as well.
Pretty decent interface, with a bunch of options. Generally works with the basic buttons of a WMC remote.
Allows selection of languages, subtitles, audio settings, if present in the file from the movie/series detail screen.
Seems to output all DD, 5.1, etc just fine from my testing (as long as your PC is set up right and assuming the file has it)

Playback software can be run on any PC.. will auto find the server when on the local network.
There is a windows 7/8 phone, android, and iOS app. Have never used the windows phone one, android is VERY flakey at least on my device. iOS app works flawlessly.
Playback, can also be done through the WEB interface.

Very simple to be able to access the media server outside of the house as well. You only have to forward one port, and this allows the webserver to communicate externally.
Can access the web interface for management/playback.
You can use the mobile apps, as well externally. You can point to your home location, when its forwarded, and will allow you to stream wherever you are.
(obviously, cellular charges may apply.. as well, will use UPLOAD usage on your home internet connection)

Google TV, LG and Samsung smart devices, and Roku have also integrated apps specific for playback (so possibly no extra PC needed for playback if you have one of these devices already)

It will also run if you wish, a DLNA for the media, for devices which can connect possibly only that way.


Again, not the most POWERFUL media player out there by far.

But simple and easy. Easy and quick to set up. (even my brother who is not every tech savvy was able to set it up on his own). And has a WIDE range of playback options.

I have thrown just about every file/format, with different audio and subs, and has played them without issue.

Rogers 9865, LG 47LV5400 LED TV, Onkyo HT-R690.
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I switched to Plex when Boxee announced that they were abandoning their desktop application, and it has been excellent for playback of local content. With everything controlled through my Harmony remote, the family acceptance factor is high.

I'm really hoping the rumoured support for Chromecast becomes reality as it will let any "dumb" TV become a Plex client very cheaply.
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That's what kinda got me using it.

Was using just dlna on my new smart tv, but wanted something more like a true media server.
Tried others, but most still required then a pc for playback.
Then noticed the built in app on the tv for it. Tried it and have stuck with it.

Rogers 9865, LG 47LV5400 LED TV, Onkyo HT-R690.
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post #4 of 61 (permalink) Old 2013-10-11, 07:27 PM
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I switched to PLEX for DLNA playback on my Samsung TV after my preferred solution (Mezzmo) would quit once, twice, 10 times during the course of a movie. Mezzmo is the sort of DLNA server which transcodes ahead of sending a movie to a compatible TV with no plugin whatsoever.

What's good about PLEX is that it takes no time at all to set up. However what I dislike is the fact that it doesn't seem to be feeding devices directly over the LAN but rather sending packets over the internet and back to the PLEX client (installed on the TV) producing a sub-par picture compared to what I had grown accustomed to with Mezzmo. Not even 720p.

More recently Mezzmo published an update which seems to fix my problem so it's back to 1080p MPEG4.

Of course, I'm keeping PLEX for back-up.

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post #5 of 61 (permalink) Old 2013-10-11, 09:28 PM
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I really like Plex. I use it with the quicksilver skin and it looks really good.

The only real negative thing about Plex is that it doesn't support playlists.

I'm waiting for Media Browser 3, hopefully it's as good as Plex.

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post #6 of 61 (permalink) Old 2013-10-11, 09:31 PM Thread Starter
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I wonder if your client is not set up right.. that its going out to the internet when its connecting, rather than internally.

I am positive that plex does it internally. I have watched 6+ hours of video from it in one day, without any effect on my internet usage.

I know it plays back 1080p perfectly clear and fine.. both on my phone as well as the tv client internally. now, when I run 1080p stuff, when say at work on my phone client.. while on wifi there, connecting externally to the server.. stuff plays, but is at a much reduced quality for the streaming..

Rogers 9865, LG 47LV5400 LED TV, Onkyo HT-R690.
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post #7 of 61 (permalink) Old 2013-10-12, 08:38 AM
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OK gdkitty. Assuming the stream flow does remain confined to the LAN, then it would mean that launching the internet@TV feature on Samsung TVs default resolution to something lower which would affect all apps (PLEX being one of them) and I'm not discarding that possibility.

In any case, there's a huge difference in quality between native DLNA streaming and client app streaming.

Granted, PLEX also appears as one TV input (just as it should) and I do see my video library with thumbnails but I have yet to be able to actually play content that way. Must be some kind of Samsung plugin I need to ad on the server side.

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post #8 of 61 (permalink) Old 2013-10-12, 08:59 AM Thread Starter
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I have an lg tv, so the app may be different then? Never used the samsung.
On the LG it's under the same spot as the dlna for local connections.

Resolution on mine I found the same between the two,, but again could be app/tv difference.

Rogers 9865, LG 47LV5400 LED TV, Onkyo HT-R690.
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post #9 of 61 (permalink) Old 2013-11-01, 09:47 AM Thread Starter
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Haha, just scarred the crap out of my wife at home XD

Never really noticed the feature before, as I only usually had one client on at a time.. but a lot of the interfaces have the option for playback on ANOTHER open client. A remote, in many ways.

Was at work, on the web client, and accidently clicked on the "play from basement" which is my Den's PC name, and the surround sound must have still been on.. and music started coming from the basement.

She just called me freaking out XD

Rogers 9865, LG 47LV5400 LED TV, Onkyo HT-R690.
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I recently setup Plex on a Linux box to try it out. I am currently using Windows Server Media Sharing which is a really good DLNA server If only the damn database didn't need to be rebuilt once a month! (I'm using an older version now and haven't tested newer versions yet) I was disappointed in the DLNA playback support in Plex. The native client playback however is very excellent. Quality is comparable to media center extender playback. In 2014 I will probably dump Media Center + Xbox 360 and go to NextPVR since they now have an app on Roku.
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post #11 of 61 (permalink) Old 2014-01-18, 09:54 AM
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Upgraded my Vortexbox to 2.2 and installed Plex on the Vortexbox. Plex has improved playback of all files for me. I connect to Plex using PC's and Media Boxes [WDLive and NeoTV]
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Plex is awesome. Have it running on my freenas server. Wouldn't use anything else right now.
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The Plex channel on Roku is a paid thing now. But good thing the private channel version called Rarflix is still free.

Also, I have this issue where my Plex on Android player freezes once in a while while streaming locally through wifi at home. My connection seems to be okay. I don't know if anyone else gets this or has a suggested setting to play with.
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post #14 of 61 (permalink) Old 2014-05-13, 12:22 PM
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I need some help in terms of Plex Channels…

I just installed Plex Media Server on my macbook pro, and got the plexconnect working through the trailers app on my ATV3. I got the unsupported apps and installed a few channels: Ice Films, Let Me Watch This, etc.

But a friend told me that 1Channel (which I believe is the same as LMWT) would let me watch Game of Thrones in HD. Well, I watched the most recent ep through LMWT last night, and even though I tried all the different sources for it (some didn't work) none of them were HD…

Am I missing something, is it possible a setting on my PMS isn't correct, or am I using the wrong channel with LMWT? Is there a better channel for HD TV shows?

How the heck are people watching premium shows in HD with PMS?
(when one can't use HBO Go or Showtime Anywhere because they aren't american and don't have cable tv?)

Any help would be appreciated.

ATV3 / Unblock-US / Netflix / HuluPlus / Samsung LNT3242H
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MOST people I think use a US VPN or DNS service, to make it LOOK like they are in states

I don't use the channels ALOT.. as I find the quality, at least for ME, is not there on a lot of them.

Its one reason I have cable still.. some of the stuff is not readily available in HD by other means easy enough.

Best I can suggest it try on the PLex android forum themselves.
Myself.. have had ZERO luck with the plex app on android.. have it on my dual core, 4.0 tablet.. no matter HOW I do it, will not play the video.
Streams FLAWLESSLY through the IOS app though.

Rogers 9865, LG 47LV5400 LED TV, Onkyo HT-R690.
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