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Originally Posted by holl_ands View Post
Perhaps they got a good deal on RFI/EMI Test Antennas [perhaps a Going-Out-Of-Business Sale???].....which of course begs the question as to how well they work in UHF Band.....MOST STANDARD TEST Antnnas are designed to max out at 300 MHz (which I'll bet is tied to some specific MIL-SPEC and/or FCC Test Requirements)....

YUP: EMI/EMC Test Antennas come in the fol. "STANDARD" ranges, per MIL-STD-461, EMC Test Requirements:

"Depending on the operating frequency range of the EUT, the start frequency of the test is as follows:
EUT Operating Frequency Range, Start Frequency of Test
10 kHz to 3 MHz, start at 10 kHz
3 MHz to 300 MHz, start at 100 kHz
300 MHz to 3 GHz, start at 1 MHz
3 GHz to 40 GHz, start at 10 MHz"
I have nothing to bring to the conversation, just coming here to state something I always like to see here in the forums.

I know a few things about how to setup TV antenna (as far as plugging goes) but once in a while, I like the source of info you bring. Just about every posts you have ever written, it is always either to set the record straight or help someone. This is the type of people that bring other valuable info to other members.

Kudos to you sir and thanks for sharing your knowledge.

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