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Curious why you would need a distribution amp on top of an antenna mounted preamp?
A passive splitter should suffice where the downlead enters the
Good question.

An estimated signal report for don_0110 (he hasn't yet posted a report) shows very strong local signals that can cause partial tuner overload making it more difficult to receive the weaker US signals. If you click on Pending in the report, you will see CBFT and CBMT that are even stronger than CFTM.
TV Fool

coordinates used for estimated Oka report:
45.509378, -73.981502

an old RCA distribution amp
What model is it, and what is the dB gain?

CBFT -31.1 dBm + 12 dBd ant + 24 dB 7777 + 20 dB RCA DA = +24.9 dBm; preamp and tuner overload when the antenna is aimed at CBFT.

My wife's getting POed.
The reality is that the US signals will not be as reliable as the local signals because of non-interference agreements between the US and Canada that make the US signals weaker in Canada as a result the directional antennas of the US transmitters.

Also, the signal enhancement of the US signals from Tropospheric Propagation does not happen all year round.

Since the switch to digital we have been able to pick up several stations from Plattsburgh and Burlington in the US, but about 6 weeks ago most of them have dropped or are not clear.
Any trees or other building in the signal path?

but we completely lost WCAX 3 (digital 22)
If you click on Pending in your tvfool report, you will see that WCAX has adjacent channel interference from CBMT on real channel 21. CBMT is 37.7 dB stronger than WCAX. Tuners are not designed to reject adjacent channel interference any greater than 33 dB.

The red highlighted "a" next to the WCAX callsign in the report indicates adjacent channel interference.

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