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post #16 of 59 (permalink) Old 2007-10-29, 11:23 AM
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Thumbs down

The worst offender of all would seem to be Rogers SportsNet. A banner running across the entire top of a baseball game inviting me to use my cell phone to find out some totally useless bit of drivel. The number of outs or strikes vs balls is removed. Also someone at MLB needs to get some gonads and tell Teddy R. that it is the TORONTO Blue Jays, NOT Rogers Blue Jays. He may own them but he does not own the official MLB name. It is the NY Yankees, not the Steinbrenner Yankees. No one makes it easier to hate them than Ted Rogers. Just my personal opinion. Hugh: delete as necessary. sailmaker
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post #17 of 59 (permalink) Old 2007-10-29, 12:03 PM
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I think, Stampeder, that this is essentially an argument in semantics. If we class promos as advertising, how are you going to fill the entire hour? I'm not saying that banners are a wonderful addition to the overall delivery of the program, because they aren't. I'm in complete agreement that they are ugly and distracting.

Perhaps the framing of the argument is what bothers me, I don't know. I don't think there is a great deal of difference between our positions, in that banner promos should be regulated or removed.

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post #18 of 59 (permalink) Old 2007-10-29, 12:41 PM
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This believe this thread was started to discuss promos that overlap with the regular content. However, you can't mention promos without dredging up the whole advertising smorgasbord.

how are you going to fill the entire hour
The same way as before. Not during the show but in between commercial breaks.
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post #19 of 59 (permalink) Old 2007-10-29, 03:28 PM
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With the increased number of minutes now allowed per hour.....the banners, promo's and even the entertaining commercials are getting to be annoying. Not surprising that PVR's are in demand and now for advertisers and ad agencies the challenge is to think up new ways of integrating the message into the program.
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post #20 of 59 (permalink) Old 2007-10-29, 03:51 PM
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A couple people have mentioned PVRs now. Using PVRs as an excuse for banner promos is weak for a number of reasons:
- PVRs have a built in guide, complete with episode info. Banners during a programme add nothing substantive, while being tremendously annoying
- if a PVR is used to time-shift a programme, exactly how are the banners relevant. Whatever is showing next is...well, useless info.
- anyone have numbers on PVR percentage of overall viewership? I doubt it's significant enough to justify these annoying banners.

Add those up, and it's more likely that banners are added for non-PVR viewers.

If the banners are so innocuous, why don't they run during commercials? Ah, right, that would obscure or distract from the underlying content... Then banner use during shows should be off-limits as well.

If advertisers are worried about PVRs, there's a couple simple adjustments that could be made. Shorten the first and last ad in the commercial segment, to about half. Viewers using the skip button are likely to view the last 15 seconds of a commercial break. I read earlier this year about an ad that didn't have anything moving on screen for the entire commercial. As a result, the add was readable on FF with a PVR.

Regardless, get rid of the banners. They are absolutely awful. As I stated earlier in the thread, networks shouldn't be surprised fewer people are watching TV. When they subject viewers to banners or news promos that totally distract from the content of a programme, they're driving viewers away.
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post #21 of 59 (permalink) Old 2007-10-29, 07:13 PM
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Outstanding points oilblue.
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post #22 of 59 (permalink) Old 2007-10-29, 07:23 PM
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In this era of high definition television they've never been so conspicuous nor so undesirable. That's not a misconception about the workings inside stations and networks, it is a lament.
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post #23 of 59 (permalink) Old 2007-10-29, 08:25 PM
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Fox promos cheapen baseball's showcase

Personally, I find the "promos" annoying on TMN. The messages seem to take up about 20% of the screen. I pay extra for TMN in order to watch a movie/series free of commercial interruptions...and I consider these "promos" to be commercial in nature.
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post #24 of 59 (permalink) Old 2007-11-01, 03:40 PM
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Regardless of the removal of banners from Canadian programs, they will still be in evidence for the American shows. Because of my unique location and service provider, I don't watch or record many Canadian versions of the programs. Having a really strange, stone age time zone means American networks are only in synch for about 6 months of the year.

The banners are a pain, and I don't know if I would sacrifice the overall picture quality I get from NBC version of Heroes for a banner free sorta hi-def Global version of Heroes.
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post #25 of 59 (permalink) Old 2008-02-24, 12:48 AM
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Angry As if station logo bugs weren't bad enough on their own...

US networks have fallen in love with obtrusive banner ads. NBC has been one of the worst, sometimes putting a banner ad covering the bottom third of the screen (e.g. Universal's Bourne Ultimatum). Then in December they started putting ads right beside the network bug in the corner of the screen. This type of banner remains on screen for the entire program...except for commercials of course... In NBC's case, these bugs have infected almost all prime time programming. Every time I flip through, the banner bug is staring back at me.

Now, other major US networks have followed suit. Tonight's airing of Forest Gump on ABC is the latest example. The ABC logo is in the bottom right corner...and to the left of that, a big banner advertising the fact the Oscars will be broadcast Sunday night. Yeah, as if people that really follow the Oscars didn't already know...

Problem is, the banner bug covers half the width of the screen (on SD anyway...we're on a trip, so I can't verify what the HD feed looks like). Half the width of the screen! Are networks trying to drive viewers away? Networks bugs alone are bad enough. These distracting, permanent banners would drive my wife and I nuts...so we change the channel.

Funny thing is, they never put the banners or network bugs over a commercial. Perhaps they're worried about upsetting their advertisers. Fair enough...but if advertisers object to the network bug and the bug banner, what makes them think viewers want to see these obtrusive ads covering the content of their favourite programs? It's as bad as attending an event, only to have someone stand up during the performance, blocking your view. That's rude, and so are these bug banners. I can't imagine content creators are happy about the turn events either.

I haven't read any complaints in these forums, so maybe we're alone in our complete and utter distaste for these new banner bugs. Maybe these ads went unnoticed because of the writer's strike, or because simsubs would remove them (can't believe I found a positive for simsubs... ). On Shaw we get the US feed of HD programming (outside Vancouver anyway, where CTV simsubs come into play).

Any ideas on where to send feedback? Are there sites already collecting complaints? Spitting into the wind would probably be more effective, but the current situation is ridiculous.

Anyway, anyone else annoyed by these banner bugs on US feeds?

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post #26 of 59 (permalink) Old 2008-02-26, 04:29 AM
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I wasn't saying these network bugs should count as ad minutes. Instead, I was voicing my displeasure at these new bug banners, period. Not sure why those objections were buried in this banners=ad minutes thread...but please respond if you're also ticked with the new, larger network bugs. Am I really the only one annoyed that network bugs have taken an even more distracting, ridiculous turn?
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post #27 of 59 (permalink) Old 2008-02-26, 05:37 AM
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Banner ads are a dirty trick by broadcasters to get around advertising minute regulations.
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post #28 of 59 (permalink) Old 2008-02-26, 07:58 AM
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Personally, I can't blame them for trying something, anything, to make up for lost revenue due to PVR'ed or terrented material where the commercials have been stripped or at least are skipped.

I do watch the odd commercial, usually the first in the break, if it catches my eye before I can grab the remote to skip it.

But I agree 100% that the "advertising", or technically a promo, is a huge deterent and I avoid certain channels because of it. There really should be restrictions on the size, location, duration and total time of these annoyances. Gerneally, it turns me off a) the station, b) the network and c) whatever program they are advertising for. I don't need to be shown 6 times in 30 minutes that the next show is "blah". If I wanted to watch it, I would have looked for it in the guide.

It is really sad when half the screen (or it seems more) is taken up (and covered) by these ads/promos. In many cases I find it is on a show that is broadcast letterbox anyway, so using the balck band top or bottom wouldn't be bad (and would be cropped for many in zoom mode).
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post #29 of 59 (permalink) Old 2008-02-26, 11:14 AM
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Totally agree with oilblue.
Last night I watched the episode of Medium in which Allison went deaf. The other characters had to communicate with her by writing notes. Parts of some of the notes were not readable as they were obscured by NBC's new practice of including upcoming show promos in the bug.
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post #30 of 59 (permalink) Old 2008-02-29, 06:12 PM
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You're all gonna hate me for this... I'm planning to use ad bugs on my upcoming specialty channel.

Before you scream bloody murder however, do take the time to watch the following videos I've posted on YouTube. They're extracts from a presentation by Mark Pesce discussing the very same issues. The first video is an explanation of BitTorrent and its impact, while the second video is a demonstration of the ad bug.

The videos were designed primarily for ad agencies, which is why they sound a bit like a sales pitch. But if we want broadcast television and p2p distribution to co-exist, this may be the only solution.

On the plus side, if this works, I could theoretically eliminate most commercial breaks.

You can start lynching me now.
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