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post #31 of 84 (permalink) Old 2011-09-28, 01:07 PM
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Mixed feelings on this one.....I'll give it a couple of more episodes and see how the story develops.


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post #32 of 84 (permalink) Old 2011-09-28, 06:10 PM
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I was hoping this would be a replacement for my Outcasts.
Big disappointment.
I usually give a show three or four episodes before I make a decision, as studios tend to try to cram all the initail character development/background into the pilot. Makes for some scenes where the dialogue is over the top.
I'll reserve my final judgement for a month from now, if it hasn't been cancelled by then.
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Jumpy27 - re Life on Mars....I know what you're getting at, in that at least the writers were allowed to write an ending for it. However I wouldn't say it was how it was 'supposed' to end.....I howled when I saw it.

I know it wasn't supposed to be identical to the original, incredible Life on Mars UK...but if you've seen that then you know what I mean by saying the US ending was ridiculous in comparison!
(Well, imho anyway )
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post #34 of 84 (permalink) Old 2011-09-28, 07:33 PM
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I've only seen the BBC Life on Mars (and Ashes to Ashes ) so the early demise of ABC's version was actually a blessing.

ABC killing Flashforward early, on the other hand... that won't soon be forgotten... nor forgiven.
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post #35 of 84 (permalink) Old 2011-09-29, 02:49 AM
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rsambuca "Also, the teenaged son is pretty much as annoying as the kid on V. Why does Hollywood have such trouble writing characters of this age?"

Defiant cranky teenagers seem to be a fixture in Sci-Fi films these days. Remember the kid in "War of the Worlds" who argued and sulked through most of the movie until he realized his dad wasn't such a bad guy after all? That's the typical Hollywood ending in quite a few movies that feature a son in conflict with his father and is resolved when his dad does some noble or heroic act.
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post #36 of 84 (permalink) Old 2011-09-29, 09:23 AM
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plot hole

My question is... why would you want to go back in time to a place where dinosaurs roam, knowing full well that an impending extinction level event will wipe them off the face of the planet?

From the frying pan and into the fire?

Im not sure I understood the 'parallel time' reference... where they saying that a new timeline had been created?- thus changes made at Terra Nova wouldnt effect the future earth- but if that's the case, why would the 6's be so concerned with controlling the past to control the future?

Way too many holes...I expect better stuff from my sci-fi.

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I'll echo most peoples sentiment with a meh as well. Doubtful that I will watch again.

Too cliched and the plotline just seems so unoriginal.
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post #38 of 84 (permalink) Old 2011-09-29, 10:05 AM
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Thumbs down

OK if I understand this they've 'found" parallel time line aka that show FOX had years ago "Sliders'.

So wouldn't them going back in time(in the other time line zone) wouldn't that effect that time line future?

Assuming everything is the same, wouldn't disrupting the evolution of man change the future? and who's to say that it won't be worst. If you have million years jump of 22 century technology in Dinosaur time, wouldn't you be way more advance come the Year 2149(in the new time line)?

I see this if the show lasts

The sons love interest he left in the past shows up, but now he's in love with that other girl hence conflict arises.

Who's is truly behind the 6ers?

What this about the leaders son and the 6ers?

GET REAL!! there weapons can't even kill Dinosaurs, yet there from the 22 century?

Why do I get the feeling there going to meet some type of "Ape men Cave man in the future episodes?

No offense to others but this show is a ripe off of several shows combine(the same plot)

Prime Evil
A few of the other shows others mentioned.

and the best of all Lost World the series.

Heck even some of the charitors are the same

From The LOST World(series)
The Scientist aka Doctor
The Biologist aka the leader
The Arieses aka probably some rich person yet to be sen
The writer seek a story aka the cops children
The adventure aka the cop
The only thing missing is the untamed Beauty "Jungle Girl" Veronica

Sorry but this series is TOTALLY REAL LAME TO THE MAX!!
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post #39 of 84 (permalink) Old 2011-09-29, 08:37 PM
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I just watched the pilot... Over all I enjoyed it. Obviously it has a few plot holes, but at the end of the day, I watch shows like this to suspend reality. Some of these posts are reminiscent of the endless picking apart of the various versions of Star Wars and who shot first. I'm willing to give it some time and see where the mysteries go.

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post #40 of 84 (permalink) Old 2011-09-29, 10:27 PM
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I didn't hate it but the rebellious teenager theme was really out of place. I would have liked the pilot to be more intense and the characters a little more in awe of where they are - considering where they just came from! My advice, don't focus the show around the teenagers, and don't leave too many hanging plot lines like Lost did.

I do find it odd that they keep sending people into that temporal doorway without having any idea where they were ending up. On the other hand it does leave the "door open" for cast changes - which might needed soon.


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For me, it was never a matter of just suspending reality...which I am very happy to do...but, that I could not help feeling that I had seen it all done before, and often done much better.

Having said that, and being perhaps overly forgiving, I have space on my PVR and will use a Record---View---Delete If/When Further Disappointed system for the upcoming episode(s).
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post #42 of 84 (permalink) Old 2011-09-30, 09:58 PM
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I have a feeling that most of the drama will come from one of the kids doing something stupid and needing to be rescued. To quote Buffy:”So, Dawn is in trouble, it must be tuesday.”

Knowing Fox`s record with sci-fi shows, i don't expect it to last.
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post #43 of 84 (permalink) Old 2011-10-03, 12:05 PM
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I PVR'ed the show and held off watching it until yesterday after reading the overwhelmingly negative response here. I have to say I'm in the minority and think the shows great. Even if you think this show is cliche SURELY you would agree it's better than 90% of the other crap on TV? While the intellectual level is certainly lower than say a show like Lost, I still find it to be a breath of fresh air(no pun intended). Maybe younger people will feel differently about the show, I can see a lot of parent's looking at the father-son conflict and going "oh yeah, never seen this before". Cinemetography and the dinosaurs looked terrific IMO, don't know where this talk of Jurrasic Park looking better is coming from. This is the best looking HD series out there at the moment. At least the animals in the show are different from what we typically see in dinosaur movies. They could have just had some generic t-rex chasing the armored vehicles near the beginning. While it didn't leave me out of breath with a racing heart at the end of the show like the last two most succesful FOX series on Monday nights (24,Prison Break), I am definetly looking forward to tonights episode.
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post #44 of 84 (permalink) Old 2011-10-03, 12:33 PM
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I had to laugh when the bulletproof "slasher" dinosaur ripped the door off the armored vehicle, dragged a kid out and proceeded to gnaw on his leg, but when they scared him off he had barely broken the kids skin. I know they are trying to tame down the gore and violence, but they should have just had the kid disappear never to be heard from again instead of giving the slasher the jaw muscles of a mouse.
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post #45 of 84 (permalink) Old 2011-10-03, 12:50 PM
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I finally got to watch the 2 hour pilot of this show.

While I agree with some of the posters that the story and special effects are mediocre I will continue to PVR it to see how it will evolve over the next few weeks.

Unfortunately the track record of sci-fi on Fox is not stellar and have low expectations for a continuous full season run.

More than likely Fox will broadcast a few episodes during the fall, have it go on a long hiatus, then return it back in late winter to show the remaining episodes and eventual cancellation.
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