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I guess you missed parts of the show where the 'nerdy' teenage daughter explained much of what of you've wondered about above in her exposition-laden dialog

Apparently, the 'timeline' these new colonists inhabit encompasses an alternate time stream independent of the reality they came from, as such, there's no paradox nor contamination of any 'present-day' reality. It's an alternate universe, for the most part.

And from what I gather of information that has been revealed so far, this wormhole/tunnel (or whatever you call it) through time and space was discovered (not invented or created), as such, they had no control over its destination.
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Thanks for the explanation. My questions still remain valid for the alternate universe though. And how do they know the wormhole doesn't end up in a black hole, a supernova or in the the middle of completely empty space with no inhabitable planets?

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Special effects aren't going to save this one. The storyline has bigger holes than the so-called "time fracture". Very convenient that it goes to a parallel timeline (based on the fact the first probe never showed up in future/present). So they sent someone back blind? If it's a one-way trip, how does anyone know the travellers are even alive? Just keep sending supplies into it? How frakkin' moronic.

-5 out of 10
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post #19 of 84 (permalink) Old 2011-09-27, 06:02 PM
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My take:
(1) Acting: just adequate (2) Location scenes: the P.Q. was outstanding and displayed the northern tropical part of Australia really well (3) Story line: very predictable e.g. you just knew the kids would encounter dinosaurs and/or the "Sixers" when they went out-of-bounds. (4) Special Effects: really lame when compared to the CGI animation in the "Jurassic Park" series i.e. the dinosaurs looked real and believable especially when the Raptors hunt and corner the kids in the kitchen cafeteria scene. IMHO
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post #20 of 84 (permalink) Old 2011-09-27, 06:28 PM
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I wanted to love it, but it was just okay. I mean, it wasn't horrible, but I was really hoping it wouldn't be quite so 'mainstream' with typical teenage-angst storylines and the like. I wanted something darker or more science-fiction-y I guess.
However I'll keep watching, if for nothing else other than the absolutely gorgeous scenery.
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post #21 of 84 (permalink) Old 2011-09-27, 06:37 PM
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Although not completely clear - it was mentioned that they could communicate back to the "present". I guess we should assume - probe sent, data sent back.... people sent though next.
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The dinosaurs are missing their feathers.
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post #23 of 84 (permalink) Old 2011-09-27, 08:32 PM
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it`s an ok show, the money was in the dinosaurs though some of the CGI looked like a videogame! I too thought it reminded me too much of other scifi i had seen: Soylent Green, Lost in Space, Stargate, (of course) Jurassic Park,
Blade Runner, etc. It has some good ideas, but i doubt it will last, i don`t want to invest time in something that will get cancelled and leave me hang like: The Event, Flash Forward, Life on Mars etc.
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post #24 of 84 (permalink) Old 2011-09-27, 09:26 PM
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I agree with many people's opinion, the show was uninspired.

Apparently tHe whole parallel timeline segment was added to the episode after test screenings indicated viewers questioned the idea of sending people back into earths own history. The butterfly effect and all...

That being said, near the end of the 2nd hour the sixes leader mentioned something about going back in time to fix the future. Did anyone else catch that?

One additional note of interest; the original pilot started after the father broke out of prison. Everything before that was added in response to the test screenings.

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post #25 of 84 (permalink) Old 2011-09-27, 11:05 PM
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The doctor was recruited to go there,so they must have contact with the future.Wasn't as good as I thought it was going to be but I'll keep watching for now. The previews for the season after the show looked not bad.
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post #26 of 84 (permalink) Old 2011-09-28, 02:16 AM
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I just watched this off my pvr and I did not get past 20 minutes, horrible show.
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post #27 of 84 (permalink) Old 2011-09-28, 03:09 AM
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Originally Posted by stump14 View Post
I just watched this off my pvr and I did not get past 20 minutes, horrible show.
I made it to about 50 minutes. that was more than enough.
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post #28 of 84 (permalink) Old 2011-09-28, 05:26 AM
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Originally Posted by bluboy01newwest View Post
It has some good ideas, but i doubt it will last, i don`t want to invest time in something that will get cancelled and leave me hang like: The Event, Flash Forward, Life on Mars etc.
The first 2 shows were cancelled with no ending. Life on Mars was also cancelled early, but it didn't leave me hanging--it actually ended the way it was supposed to end.
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post #29 of 84 (permalink) Old 2011-09-28, 08:36 AM
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It interested me to watch again.
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post #30 of 84 (permalink) Old 2011-09-28, 12:59 PM
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Terra Nova ended up being pretty much exactly what I was expecting, which wasn't much. The problem that they will have with this show is keeping up the pace. They clearly spent a ton of money on this extended pilot episode, which means there are going to be a lot of "bottle" episodes coming up where they will be stuck in a cave all episode talking. I usually don't mind the bottle episodes if they are well written, but it will definitely turn off a large portion of the audience that just want action/thrills/dinos every week. My feeling is this show is going to be too hard to pull off within the confines of a TV budget. The viewers are going to dwindle all season due to the above, and the show will be cancelled after season 1. Having said that, I'll probably watch it as long as it lasts. I much prefer serialized shows to the standard crime/medical procedurals.

Also, the teenaged son is pretty much as annoying as the kid on V. Why does Hollywood have such trouble writing characters of this age? Hopefully he'll just get gobbled up by a slasher next episode!
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