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OPERA on TV - PBS or other networks.

If you like OPERA (not everyone does).

I see and record some Operas off various channels / networks.

Created this thread to mention those Operas seen on TV.

For example, seen on:

PBS - Public Broadcasting out of the U.S.
( Usually as part of their "Great Performances" program - at various times during the week / but usually like weekends or maybe Wed nights.)

TFO - Television Francaise Ontario
(Francophone / French Public Broadcaster serving parts Ontario)
( Usually Sunday Nights round 8 PM during their Opera "season" )

These networks seem to play some Operas - commercial free.

But there may be others ... let us know ... thanks.
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Last night,

Friday July 15, 2011 9:30PM - midnight. OTA on 16-3 WPBS HD out of Watertown NY. On PBS program "Great Performances". Broadcast IN HD !

Rigoletto (Verdi).

Filmed in Manuta, Italy. Placido Domingo and others.
(unfortunately did not know in advance, so not able to set up my DVD recorder in Ottawa. Improvised and set up the old VHS VCR here in Kingston, and recorded it that way.)

Replayed later that night:
Sat July 16, 2011 2:30 AM - 5 AM. OTA on WPBS 16-1 SD (other standard def. sub-channel of WPBS)

(Stuck in another VHS tape and recorded it again ... to see any difference.)

[ Dratts. Could have had a nice recording on the DVD machine ... but it's in Ottawa. The trouble with living in two places. ]

[ Maybe they'll play it again later next week ... and I'll snag it. ]
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The Enchanted Island

Opera - The Enchanted Island - recently done at the MET - has been playing this weekend on WPBS, Watertown NY.

Playing again this afternoon, Sat May 19, 2012, 4:00 PM - 7:30 PM EST I think.
[OTA, receivable Over The Air / with antenna, on WPBS HD, 16-3 if you're in viewing range]

It played yesterday too, Friday night, and again very early this morning, Saturday morning 2am - 5:30am EST.

I saw most of it early this morning, receiving over the air in Kingston ON, and it was really good. Nice scenery / sets. Placido Domingo played Neptune, God of the Sea - well done. Ms Di Donnato - another part. Well sung.

All parts / actors, singers looked and sounded great to me.

And the sets and costumes/makeup ... great. Mermaids, fairies, magic and all

It's in English w/English Subtitles - so would appeal to a larger North American Audience ... I think.

It was called a "Pastiche" which means a Mix opera. I think they said it was a mix of Shakespeare's "The Tempest" and another story ... but it seemed to work well. Some Baroque music ... I think they said.

Placido Domingo - as Neptune - God of the Sea - Haa haa! ... gotta love it - perfect match! Made me tremble in fear ... when he came on stage with that costume and hair and long FORK. And powerful deep voice ! Yikes !
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Don Giovanni (Don Juan) and Anna Bolena (Anne Boleyn - wife of Henry VIII) were other Operas this year on PBS from the MET.

They were also great.

Gotta keep your eye on PBS's "Great Performances" program.

That's where they play them.

And they don't always announce them, or put them on the schedule too far in advance ...

I guess it's difficult to fit them into the broadcast schedule - they're long.
And also - they get permission from the MET - who have the "rights".
So I don't think PBS knows themselves - that far in advance - when they will be able to AIR them.

That's the way I understand it.

But Thank You PBS and the MET - that is awsome entertainment on TV - at least from my point of view - and probably from many other Opera fans.

Keep up the great work ... and the great broadcasts.

I've seen a couple live at the Movie Theatre too - and that is also a great experience.

Support PBS and the MET ... that's great entertainment.
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Not a huge opera fan, but caught "L'Elisir D'Amore" on the HIFI channel in HD this past weekend. I was a really nice watch especially in HD...

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RE: Opera: L'elisir d'amore (The elixer of Love) (Donizetti)

? Glyndebourne Festival - 2011 [ 9 June - 4 August, 2011 ] ? I think. According to my quick searching and researching on-line.


Using your link, I found it on the HIFI channel schedule, looks like HIFI played it at 1 pm EST, Sat May 19, 2012.

I also searched and found this review on-line:


I am definitely no Opera expert .. but ...

But - Based on the comments at the bottom, the comments of those that saw it live in 2011 ... they really enjoyed it ... and it must have been a great performance.
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Götterdämmerung from the MET - OTA on PBS in HD !

PBS Program: Great Performances at the MET

Quick note / reminder / for anyone who has any interest in OPERA .

Just checked my local WPBS schedule, and by chance, found out there's a long OPERA being shown on my local WPBS station in HD !



Friday, September 14 — 9:00pm - ? [( -> 2:00 AM ? ! ) ( Duration 300 minutes ? 5 h ! ? long .)

16.3 - WPBS-HD [ this particular station is from Watertown NY ... ]

Wagner's Ring Cycle: Götterdämmerung (Twilight of the Gods)
In the final installment in Richard Wagner's "Ring" cycle, the love between Siegfried and Brünnhilde is torn asunder by a trio of scheming humans who want the magical ring for themselves.
duration: 300 min

[ but check your local PBS station(s) ... may be broadcast, OTA, near you in the next while ]

I'm sure that will look and sound awsome in a great home theatre.
Big screen and 5.1 sound OTA in HD - over the air !
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Just some other notes:

Doing some more reading and searching on the net, there were actually 4 operas that formed part of that performance - called Wagner's Ring Cycle.

Wagner's Ring Cycle Operas

"Richard Wagner’s Der Ring des Nibelungen"

"Wagner’s own retelling of stories from ancient German and Icelandic mythology"

"four separate but intimately related operas"

Das Rheinghold


Die Walküre


Looking at the schedules and the comments from viewers on the PBS WNET Great Performances website [ http://www.pbs.org/wnet/gperf/ ] it looks like all four of them were broadcast during the week of Sept 10 - 14, 2012 - on some PBS stations (evenings ? 9 PM EST ? ).

I think WPBS out of Watertown NY had them on.

That's alot of Opera to show all in one week ! - week night evening, prime time !

Anyway, reading the web site, and reading viewer comments on various PBS websites - they say that it is up to the particular station, the particular PBS affiliate station, when and if they play the various Operas from the PBS program: Great Performances at the Met.

And, of course, it is up to the MET, who has the rights, which Operas they may allow PBS to broadcast.

Many viewers are asking and commenting / and PBS responding, something like ...

Viewers: " It is very difficult to know in advance when PBS will play the MET Operas "

PBS responds: " It's up to the local PBS station, check your local schedules."

Viewers: " It does not show up on the local schedules very far in advance sometimes ... so it is hard to find out sometimes, far enough in advance to plan and watch them. Also, we would like to try and use your "send me an email reminder" function on the PBS website ... for GP at the MET program, and can't seem to get that to happen."

PBS responds: " Sorry, we apologize, again it is up to the local PBS station, Operas are long, and sometimes hard to fit them into their schedule. Plus they may not know themselves very far in advance when they will have the permission to broadcast them, re: The MET gives PBS the rights to show them."

Then PBS suggests:
" There is also a facebook group / site called : Great Performances at the Met. LIKE it on facebook - and you may also get more updates that way. "

And yes ... I did notice the same thing. Hard to know in advance when these Operas will play on PBS.

Seems you have to just keep checking the online PBS web schedules often / religiously. Dates and times seem to vary alot.

Replays also happen too, at odd hours.

I did the LIKE on the facebook group - as PBS suggested - and let's see what happens. Maybe I will get some automated updates or messages that way, through facebook and through my email - as facebook does generally.

P.S. - That's just MET Opera broadcast on T.V.

There's other ways to see them / or see or hear other Opera as well.

Should mention also - you can go see them in the movie theatre too, during the season, at certain participating movie theatre locations - check your local movie theatre schedules.

On Disc ? DVD or Blue Ray ?
You may be able to purchase some of the previous performances from the MET itself, on DVD or Blue Ray. Check the MET website.

*LIVE* in NY ? Or various other cities? - you should be so lucky.

On FM radio ? Program: "Saturday Afternoon at the Opera" - plays various Operas, sometimes nice to just listen, easily available locally usually. Public Broadcast Radio from the U.S. / or CBC Radio 2 Canada / or Espace Musique = the French/Quebec deuxieme chaine = CBC 2 in French - Oui oui - tres bonne / tres bien ...
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TFO program: Art D'Oeuvres - Sunday evenings 8 PM EST usually

On TFO channel, Television Francaise Ontario - next couple weeks:

On TFO program: Art D'Oeuvres which comes on usually Sunday evenings at 8 PM EST.

TFO Schedule online shows:

Sun Oct 14, 2012
Opera ?: Le Convenienze 20:00 - 21:53 ( 8pm - 9:53pm EST )
then: Les Amants Fous 21:55 - 23:11 ( 9:55pm - 11:11 PM EST )

Sun Oct 28, 2012
Opera ?: Turandot 20:00 - 22:08 ( 8pm - 10:08pm EST )
then: Paradis 22:10 - 23:00 ( 10:10pm - 11pm EST )

I noticed in the past, that usually, after an opera, they have a nice documentary or something like that on the composer / artist ... so nice to watch or record after too. Maybe right up to 11:30 PM or more.

It's in FRENCH mostly / usually ... but if you understand French - very good, entertaining, and informative content. I like.

Yesterday - I could not see beyond two weeks ahead on the TFO web broadcast schedule - so that is all I could figure out for now - in advance.

But elsewhere in the TFO website, under the program: Art D'Oeuvres

It shows, so far ... the following content for this season:

1. Accentus - Laurence Equibley
2. Cosi Fan Tutte
3. Don Giovanni - Aix-En-Provence
4. Le Convenienze - Oct 14, 2012
5. Les Amants Fous - Oct 14, 2012
6. Mireille
7. Paradis - Oct 28, 2012

... and then for some reason - I saw TURANDOT Sun Oct 28 in the schedule / horaire.


TFO programs / "emissions"


TFO online broadcast schedule / "horaire"


( The "horaire" seemed a little funny to navigate for me, and be patient, perhaps a little slow and quirky, and also the Sunday date number seems to be off and skewed sometimes - watch and confirm the Sunday date number as you navigate and use this TFO "horaire" web application )
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Schedule is showing this Opera on TFO / Tele Francaise Ontario this weekend:

3. Don Giovanni - Aix-En-Provence - Sunday Nov 4, 2012 8 PM - 11:01 PM
( Opera / Mozart / de 2010 / mise en scene de Dimitri Tchernaikov )

? Guessing Opera in Italian with French subtitles ? Not sure.

Again, no guarantees, check your local TV Schedules.

( Remember we have a time change this weekend, here in Ontario anyway - late on Saturday night. Fall back. 2 AM becomes 1 AM ? I think. )
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I see in TFO on line program schedule, for this coming weekend:

TFO, Sunday Nov 11, 2012 8:00PM - 10:40PM ( 2h 40min )

Opera- La Dame de Pique - France 2006 [ The Queen of Spades ? ]
Composer: Tchaikovski, Piotr Ilyitch

no guarantees, check your local schedules.
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Barber of Seville (Rossini) in ENGLISH, now! on CBC FM RADIO TWO

The Barber of Seville (Rossini) in ENGLISH ! ( from the MET )

Hilarious, it's on right *NOW* on CBC FM RADIO TWO
On Program "Saturday Afternoon at the Opera" ( a holiday presentation )

(first intermission on right now ... tune it in for a laugh ... nice to hear in English - a nice introduction to OPERA !)

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WPBS aired L'Elisir d'Amore this past weekend, Jan 19, 20 - 2013.

In Italian with English subtitles.

It was from the opening performance of the Opera season of the MET, performed live on Oct 13, 2012 at the MET.

L'Elisir d'Amore - The Elixer of Love - (Donizetti).

Yes I caught it on TV, off PBS, and it was pretty nice. It's a Comedic Dramatic opera so it's lighter.

Anna Netrebko and all - nice performances .

[ Anna Bolena / Anne Boleyn - from last season / the previous MET season, with Anna Netrebko, I though was a really great opera. Yes tragic and sad story, but the performance and costumes (awsome costumes and set), singing, acting, the tragic emotion performed - I thought really good. Really pulled the emotions. Anna Netrebko as Anna Bolena - magnifica ! brava brava ! ]
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La Clemenza di Tito - upcoming opera on PBS

Noticed this OPERA coming up,

on Program:

Great Performances at the MET on PBS


Currently says:

Sunday April 14, 2013 at 12 NOON (EST ?) [ check local listings ]

Duration: 150 min


La Clemenza di Tito

Mozart's final opera seria (serious opera?) with:

Barbara Frittoli
Elina Garanca
Giuseppe Filianoti

"airs on GP at the MET, Sun Apr 14 at 12 noon (check local listings) "

On the WPBS 16.1 schedule, WPBS from Watertown NY


Sunday, April 14 — 12:00pm [ noon EST ]
16.1 - WPBS-DT1
La Clemenza de Tito
Mozart's "La Clemenza di Tito" stars Elina Garanca in the trouser role of Sesto, who finds himself enmeshed in an assassination plot against Roman emperor Titus (Giuseppe Filianoti) through the manipulations of vengeful Vitellia (Barbara Frittoli).

duration: 150 min

No guarantees, check your local schedules.
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Musical - Carousel - on PBS this weekend.

Musical - Carousel [Rodgers and Hammerstein] - on PBS this weekend.

On PBS program: Live from Lincoln Center

Various times tonight and this weekend. I'll post below.

No Guarantees, check your local schedules.

OK. It's not strictly an OPERA, but it has a classical orchestra and a few opera performers and singers and looks like some dancers from ballet as well.

And it looks nice and musical and entertaining, so I'll put it here (rather than start a new thread, and don't see where else to put it right now).

From the WPBS website schedule, that I noted:

On 16.3 WPBS-HD Watertown NY, U.S.A.
Fri Apr 26, 2013 9PM-11:30PM [ that's tonight & replayed again later 2AM-4:30AM ]

Sat Apr 27 8PM-10:30PM

Mon Apr 29 3AM-5:30AM

On 16.1 WPBS-DT, Watertown, N.Y. U.S.A. (in SD digital) [ also seen on Cable 12 Kingston - Cogeco] [ Rogers Cable - Ottawa 97 Analog / & on 64 digital i think ]

Sat Apr 27 2AM-4:30AM [ that's very late tonight/friday. Very early Sat am]

Sun Apr 28 12noon-2:30PM



Live from Lincoln Center: Rodgers & Hammerstein’s ‘Carousel’ With the New York Philharmonic premieres Friday, April 26, 2013.

First off there is the superb New York Philharmonic, which adjusts as easily to Broadway material as it does to a Mahler Symphony.

The remarkable Kelli O'Hara is our Julie, and we have TWO distinguished artists from the world of opera, baritone Nathan Gunn as Billy Bigelow, and fresh off her homage to Kate Smith of last week, Stephanie Blythe as Nettie Fowler.

New York City Ballet dancers Tiler Peck and Robert Fairchild perform in the New York Philharmonic’s staged production of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Carousel.

Please check the schedule of your local PBS station for the exact day and time of the telecast in your area.

... and still waiting for the "backlogged" CRTC (Canadian Broadcasting Regulator's) paperwork, for Kingston, Ontario, CANADA's, CKWS 11 (CBC CORUS ind. affiliate) to start OTA broadcasting in digital. Just had to mention.
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