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Originally Posted by Inglewood View Post
I'm surprised this softcore adult entertainment masquerading as a sporting event still exists...

And to launch a re-branded "sports" channel with this is just sad.

Is it true they changed there league name after a few of the teams started hiring women that actually could play football, instead of lingerie models?
When LFL Canada existed, I went to both Saskatoon Sirens home games. The games actually are decent football and after a few plays you stopped worrying about what they were or were not wearing and I started cheering just like I do at Riders games. Saskatoon drew around 5,000 for each of the games, so it wasn't that bad. Of course, the next season Saskatoon players complained about safety issues (which are very true considering they play full contact football in a pair of hockey shoulder pads and a hockey helmet) and the league ended up shutting down. I notice that every city is back according to the press release above, except for Saskatoon.

I will definitely watch these games and it won't be for titillation. The vast majority of players have college sports backgrounds. I think many were track and field athletes in college, as well as a few softball, basketball and soccer players. The league stopped having models play, when they went to a league format and stopped paying players. Aside from the US imports the Sirens had, the vast majority of the local players came from the WWCFL's five time champion Saskatoon Valkyries.
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