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Originally Posted by rabbit73 View Post
Hello, Sleeping Wolf

Here is a tvfool report based on Upper Middle/Walkers; you have to click on Pending to see CBLT:
TV Fool
If it was the ANT1005, it was probably overloaded by the Hamilton transmitters.
Gain: VHF: 26dB UHF: 30dB
Noise figure: ?5.0dB
Power Supply: AC110-120V ac 60HZ Output: 9V dc 100mA
There isn't that much difference between brands of splitters. The loss with a 2-way will be about 3.5 dB; a 4-way, 7 dB. If the bedroom TV is OK when the antenna is connected directly to it without a splitter, then a little boost might help.

I suggest a Channel Master 3412 distribution amp, which has two outputs. If the kitchen TV is further away, connect it to one of the outputs and connect the other output to a 2-way splitter for the closer TVs. If all 3 coax runs are about the same length, use a CM3414 that has 4 outputs.
Yes, it was the ANT1005 , and the TV Fool report linked there is identical to the ones I have prepared in the past. I wish I knew more about what the reports say, still new to this and have a bunch to learn. Is there an amplifier that could potentially get me more of the US channels and not be overpowered by local transmitters ?

The direction the Antenna faces is 330░ NW. That's the only spot and direction that seems to get me all the channels I do get , in well. There are 3 storey buildings in the way. But is more open than my unit and my building behind me. I have no south access, and only a partial view of NE - which I thought would give me more signals but got me less.

Yes it is the C2V - with the VHF, which I am enjoying getting CTV now.

I will definitely look into your distribution splitter suggestions, I appreciate the assistance.
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