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This may be of no use to you, but I have recently gone through a major effort to get FM radio reception in the kitchen for my wife. She only wanted the one station - CBC One. It should have been simple, because there is a CBC radio app. I bought a bluetooth speaker and tried it with my tablet and with her cell phone. Both would drop the signal - either the bluetooth would drop or the app would lose the connection. We tried multiple bluetooth speakers, including 2 with FM radio built in.

The main problem is that our house has plaster and lathe walls, so all the walls and ceilings have wire mesh embedded in them. On top of that, all our windows are low-e, which reduces the signal strength of hdtv by indoor antenna, and radio. It also makes it difficult to run ethernet cable or speaker wire through the walls to hide it, which is my wife's requirement.

The solution turned out to be the Phillips Original Radio ORD7100C/37. Reception is solid, with no interference. The sound is good enough since CBC One is mostly talk radio. The radio is FM only, and the Apple interface is the old 30-pin connector, but we don't use it. It has a sound input jack, but no output for external speakers. It also looks clunky because it is a retro design circa 1955 when I was 3 years old, but my wife is thrilled with it and would like to get a second one for use in the basement when she is working down there.

There is an outlet store here in Mississauga that sells the radio for $29. The price is a ridiculous $81 compared to $39 on If you can find the $30-40 price in Calgary, it might be as easy to wire speakers to it as it is an car stereo.

As I mentioned, it misses many of your requirements, but it did solve our one very specific problem.
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