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No Sound - Optical Cable To Receiver?

Hello all,

Long time lurker in need of some help.
I could call tech support but I'd appreciate help from some of the knowledageble people here and but a rapport with you all.

I currently have put a UNF658500 Samsung on a wall and have it connected to a Yamaha HTR6290B.
Unfortunately I can't get sound out of the Smart Hub mode when opening apps such as Netflix, Youtube etc.

The output on the TV is set to "Audio Out/Optical", I've cycled through ALL inputs on my receiver and still can't get sound. The optical cable was never removed from the receiver, just plugged into the new TV.

The TV replaced a 7100 65" Samsung where I had no sound issues.
The optical cable is the same.

Is there a step I missed? Could it be a defect in the TV itself? When I switch the speaker mode back to the TV speakers, I get sound.

Regular TV/PS4 ETC which run through the Samsung One-Connect to the receiver have no issues either.

Any help or input (pun intended) would be greatly appreciated!

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