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limited optical inputs now available for devices, now what ?

I have an older Sony STR-DA1000ES receiver for my ht set up. I now have lost the use of one of the 3 optical inputs. The hinged door has broken off, the cable no longer snaps into the port securely. All devices run hdmi to my LG 55L W5700 tv inputs then the tv has one optical audio out the the receiver. This output seems to send the optical audio for the OTA channels only ? My tv speakers are turned off in order to use my HT Sony receiver for all audio to my 7.1 speakers. I read a previous post by 57 but am a little confused. Currently 2 devices run separate optical cables to the receiver in order to get DD 5.1 leaving 2 devices out to dry.
Is there a way to run multiple device opticals to one source then, only one output goes to one of the receiver optical inputs ? Giving my ample inputs on my receiver?
Last question, why does the tv optical digital output cable send only OTA audio and not send all devices DD 5.1 signals to the receiver since all are connected to the tv via the hdmi inputs ?
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